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2008 College Football Week Twelve Predictions

Week Twelve???? Twelve? How did we get here? Where did it go? And now we're stuck with a whole slate of relatively uninteresting games coming into one of the last weekends of regular season college football.

Ah, well. Perhaps all those uninteresting match ups are in place to make way for the big daddy match up so far this season: Texas Tech - Oklahoma.

As for me, I'm looking forward to watching the games this weekend, and getting back into touch next week.


Iowa State @ Kansas State

KSU favored by 10

Husker Mike: Josh Freeman is "expected" to start against the Clones in the Finale of the Ron Prince era at KSU.  Is that a good thing or not?  Frankly, in recent weeks, Iowa State's offense has actually been more productive than Kansas State's.
Cyclones 31, Puddytats 21

Corn Blight: Iowa State is still horrible on the road and they’re on an eight-game losing streak. Kansas State wants to (?) send Ron Prince out a winner. If you can reliably figure out how a bunch of 19-21 year old players are going to react in this game, you’d make millions betting on college kids. You ever meet anyone who made money betting on college football? Didn’t think so.
Wildcats 31, Cyclones 24

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma

OU favored by 7

Husker Mike: Texas Tech is the trendy favorite this season, but frankly, except for a second half hiccup against Texas, the Sooners have dominated everybody and anybody.
Sooners 52, Raiders 35

Corn Blight: I’d like to see Texas Tech win this game, but going to Norman has been a chore for the Red Raiders. In fact, going anywhere has been a chore for Tech. Oklahoma has the nation’s longest home winning streak AND it’s their chance to make up ground after losing to Texas. Holes in their defense’ll make it interesting.
Sooners 45, Red Raiders 42

p.s. my crazy pregnant (that’s redundant) sister-in-law says Tech wins this one. Tech 52, Oklahoma 35. Remember, she’s pregnant. Crazy. Same thing. Did I make that clear?

Michigoon @ Ohio State

OSU favored by 20.5

Husker Mike:
Rich Rodriquez is doing things the Bill Callahan way:  square peg, round hole, his way.  Players are leaving the program unhappy.  Rodriquez might eventually be the right man to lead the Weasels somewhere down the line, but not in 2008.
Luckeyes 38, Weasels 13

Corn Blight: Or RichRod might just screw up Michigan the same way Callahan screwed up Nebraska. Too early to tell, but like Mike says, not this year.
Buckeyes 35, Wolverines 13

Syracuse @ Notre Dame

ND favored by 19.5

Husker Mike: Syracuse already fired Greg Robinson.  But Syracuse holds the key to the Huskers bowl bid, as the Gator Bowl seems ready to take the Irish if they beat the Orangemen.
Irish 31, Syracuse 13

Corn Blight: Notre Dame’s schedule is pathetic this season. They’re a below average team. I hope whomever they play in the Gator Bowl beats the living snot out of them.
Notre Dame 27, Syracuse 17

BYU @ Utah

Utah favored by 6

Husker Mike: The best game of the day that nobody will see, since the Mountain West conference is keeping it on their own network.  Winner might get a BCS bid, especially if it's the Utes.
Utes 31, Cougars 20

Corn Blight: Nebraska has our own network, just like the Mountain West and Notre Dame. Our network is called pay per view. Look for more next year, like the first three games. Save your money!
Damn, I’d really like to see this game.
Utah 42, BYU 38

Nebraska vs. Idle.
Believe it or not, idle has great potential here. Having a week off is always a scary proposition because it leaves players with free time. And you know what they say about idle hands being the devil's workshop, right? Scary!!!