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Week 9 Husker Report Card: Oklahoma

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OK, we all knew Oklahoma was really good. Scary good. But we had hope. We wondered if the Huskers could play keep-away like they did in Lubbock three weeks ago, could they pull off the signature upset?

Six minutes into the game, that hope was extinguished as three Husker turnovers resulted in a 28-0 lead for the Sooners, and the game was essentially over.

Offensive Line: D Not a lot of running room, not a lot of protection for Joe Ganz. Before he went out of the game with an injury, Lydon Murtha had two bad whiffs in a row where he didn't even get touch the guy he allegedly was supposed to block.

Running Backs: C- Marlon Lucky left early with an injury. Quentin Castille had yet another fumble and was ineffective, forcing Roy Helu, Jr. to be summoned from the doghouse. Helu responded with a solid performance: 157 yards on the ground plus 19 more on two catches. I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it. Roy Helu is Nebraska's best I-back.

Quarterback: D+ A shaky start for Ganz, to be sure. The second pick was a particularly bad decision, overthrowing a well-covered Marlon Lucky. That's inviting disaster.

Wide Receivers: D+ Nate Swift had a nice long touchdown reception to open the second half, but Swift was slow to react to Dominqu Franks break on the opening play.

Defensive Line: C- The bright spot on defense, or perhaps the "least dim". Early on, DeMarco Murray wasn't finding much running room. But they still couldn't generate any pass rush on Sam Bradford.

Linebackers: D- Nebraska really, really, really missed Phillip Dillard last night.

Secondary: F What else is there to say. Bleah.

Coaching: D I'm not sure whether there was anything Nebraska's defense could have done last night against Oklahoma's potent offense. Nobody else has stopped this season. But watch that opening Franks pick-6 again if you can stomach it; Franks was breaking on the route even before Ganz threw the pass. Stoops had identified that route so well off of film, that Franks was able to jump on that route so fast, he was in the end zone before anybody knew what had just happened.

Overall: D- It was an ugly, ugly night.

Elsewhere in College Football

Texas Tech: A+ Hard to believe that Nebraska took that team to overtime three weeks ago in that same stadium

Kansas State: F The Jayhawk defense had given up 108 points the last couple of weeks. We knew your defense was a sieve, but my goodness.

Missouri: C- Your fans thought Nebraska's 12 point victory over Baylor was rather funny last week. I don't think you were laughing in the fourth quarter on Saturday.

Florida: A Playing about as well as anybody else the last few weeks.