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Big 12 South And the BCS - Who You For?

It appears there's some wild stuff going on that could result in absolute chaos at season's end when it comes to the BCS. Looks like it's centered around the Big 12 South. You guys heard about this?

It's becoming apparent that the winner of the Big 12 South has a big step up on going to the BCS national championship game because you know that Oklahoma, Texas, or Texas Tech are going to be favored over Big 12 North winner Missouri.

Things are complicated.... Texas could win out if Texas Tech loses to Oklahoma, Oklahoma could win out if Texas loses to Mizzou or something like that, I don't know, maybe someone could explain the whole damned thing in the comments section.

What I'd like to know, though is - who are Husker fans for? Who would you like to see win the Big 12 South?

Oh, and SB Nation has put together a BCS hub (click on the icon below) where you can track all things BCS, because we don't have a playoff and we won't for some time. And like I said earlier, there would be all sorts of people who would come out and blabber on about having a playoff without saying a damned thing about how it will work. Typical.

In any case, exercise your right and vote for the Big 12 South team you'd like to see win out. I'm interested in the results.

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