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Bowl Projections

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Now that Nebraska is bowl eligibile, it's not a question of "if" as much as "where" and "who." So here's some "expert" prognostications about bowl scenarios for the Big Red and the rest of the Big XII.

Stewart Mandel, Sports Illustrated

  • Sun: Nebraska vs. Arizona, El Paso, Dec. 31st, 1 pm CST, CBS
  • Championship: Texas Tech vs. Florida, Miami, Jan 8th, 7 pm CST, Fox
  • Fiesta: Texas vs. Ohio State, Phoenix, Jan 5th, 7 pm CST, Fox
  • Cotton: Oklahoma vs LSU, Dallas, Jan 2nd, 1 pm CST, Fox
  • Holiday: Oklahoma State vs. Oregon State, San Diego, Dec 30th, 7pm CST, ESPN
  • Alamo: Missouri vs. Northwestern, San Antonio, Dec 29th, 7pm CST, ESPN
  • Insight: Kansas vs. Minnesota, Tempe, Dec 31st, 4:30 pm, NFL Network
  • Texas: Western Michigan vs. Rice, Houston, Dec 30th, 7 pm, NFL Network
  • Hawaii: Buffalo @ Hawaii, Honolulu, Dec 24th, 7pm, ESPN

Cary Estes,

Note: Either the Gator or Sun Bowls will take a Big XII team, so these prognostications are definitely faulty.

  • Insight: Nebraska vs Iowa
  • Championship: Texas vs. Florida
  • Fiesta: Oklahoma vs. Utah
  • Cotton: Texas Tech vs. LSU
  • Alamo: Missouri vs. Northwestern
  • Holiday: Oklahoma State vs. Oregon
  • Texas: Kansas vs. Rice
  • Independence: Buffalo vs. Louisiana-Lafayette
  • Hawaii: Western Michigan @ Hawaii

CBS Sportsline

  • Sun: Nebraska vs. California
  • Championship: Oklahoma vs. Florida
  • Fiesta: Texas Tech vs. Ohio State
  • Cotton: Texas vs. LSU
  • Holiday: Oklahoma State vs. Oregon State
  • Alamo: Missouri vs. Northwestern
  • Insight: Kansas vs. Wisconsin
  • International: Buffalo vs. UConn
  • Hawaii: Western Michigan @ Hawaii

Mark Schlabalch & Bruce Feldman, ESPN

  • Championship: Texas Tech vs. Florida
  • Fiesta: Texas vs. USC or Utah
  • Cotton: Oklahoma vs. LSU or Georgia
  • Holiday: Missouri vs. Oregon or Arizona
  • Alamo: Oklahoma State vs. Northwestern
  • Sun: Nebraska (MS) or Kansas (BF) vs. California
  • Insight: Kansas (MS) or Nebraska (BF) vs. Minnesota
  • Hawaii: Buffalo vs. Hawaii or Nevada
  • International: Western Michigan vs. UConn

College Football News

  • Alamo: Nebraska vs. Iowa
  • Championship: Oklahoma vs. Florida
  • Fiesta: Texas vs. Utah
  • Cotton: Missouri vs. LSU
  • Holiday: Oklahoma State vs. Oregon State
  • Sun: Texas Tech vs. Oregon
  • Insight: Kansas vs. Minnesota
  • Hawaii: Buffalo @ Hawaii
  • International: Western Michigan vs. UConn

So what's your preference? Are you looking for the best matchup? Best perceived bowl? Best destination, because you're thinking about attending? Best date/time, because you don't want to have to take vacation to watch a Husker game? Best TV coverage because your cable company doesn't carry the NFL Network?