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Nebraska vs. Kansas State Post Game Overreaction

While Corn Blight is chasing four legged animals somewhere in western Nebraska, I'm filling in until he gets a chance to get online.  Hopefully he doesn't have a Dick Cheney moment out there!

  • Now, not only bowl eligible, but also an assurred winning season at 7-4 with two games to play.
  • Nebraska will play in either the Gator, Alamo, or Sun Bowl.  I think Nebraska and Notre Dame are the two leading candidates to play in the Gator Bowl, which is played New Years' Day on CBS.  Depending on who you talk to, it's not clear which is the preference for the Gator Bowl:  an 8-4 Nebraska or a 7-5 Notre Dame.  Navy could have helped the Huskers' chances if they could have pulled off the upset yesterday.
  • I'm going to disagree with Corn Blight about Josh Freeman.  No, it's not over whether the guy is someone you can root for.  He is, for the most part.  But I've got to tell you, I don't see an NFL draft prospect in the making.  Yeah, he's got the measurables.  But unless the opponent is Texas, it just hasn't materialized on the field.  Even before he left yesterday's game with an apparent concussion, he was having another rather mediocre game.  Truth be told, of the two quarterbacks Kansas State played, I was more impressed with Carson Coffman, the two-star little brother of Missouri tight end Chase Coffman.
  • In the first half, was that Blackshirt defense, or what?  Except for a 64 yard bomb from Freeman, Kansas State was rendered impotent in the first half.
  • In the second half, was that a lack of focus after the first half, or Carson Coffman?  Anyway, Pelini still has some work to do with this defense.  He even told reporters that this team isn't even close to "living up to my standard."
  • Nebraska had to insert yet another freshman walk-on into the game at linebacker.  Matthew May moved from safety to linebacker, and entered the game after Blake Lawrence suffered a concussion.  So now we've seen walk-ons Tyler Wortman, Matt Holt, Colton Koehler, and May (not to mention converted I-back Cody Glenn) all having to fill the void created by bad recruiting.