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Nebraska vs. Kansas State: Josh Freeman - The Kind Of Guy I Can Root For

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You might think it odd a decent story about Josh Freeman showing up on a Nebraska Cornhuskers web site, and you may be right. I have no more reason to give you than a feeling about Freeman that maybe he’ll be one of those guys for whom I watch on Sundays just to see what will happen. I realize many of you may feel differently. Perhaps that's because the relationship with Freeman didn't start so well.

Freeman’s association with Nebraska started well enough when he committed to Bill Callahan before Ron Prince got hired at Kansas State. Once Prince was hired, he talked him into coming to Manhattan. The next thing you know Freeman’s family sends Billy C a text message letting him know he’s not going to be a Husker. He’s going to be a Wildcat. Callahan responded with the (in)famous line:

If you’re a prima donna, if you’re a drama queen, there’s no room for you at Nebraska. You can go to Kansas State.

And thus began Husker fans’ hatred of Josh Freeman, the prima donna.

While at Kansas State, Freeman has done pretty well for himself. Did you know that he holds all the major passing records for the Wildcats? He is the career leader in attempts, completions, yardage and touchdowns, and this past week he became the Wildcat career leader in total offense with 7,933 yards.

Freeman has surpassed Ell Roberson, Michael Bishop, Chad May and Jonathan Beasley. Keep in mind that all those guys played for Bill Snyder, who, even if you don’t like him either, turned Kansas State into a consistent winner. Freeman has accomplished his records under the failed regime of Ron Prince - it's scary to think of what he had done had he been guided by a better coach.

As quarterbacks go, Freeman is huge - 6’6” and 250 lbs. He’s got a cannon for an arm. He is as mobile as they come, currently leading the Wildcats in rushing with 90 carries for 369 yards. He’s also scored 14 rushing touchdowns this season, as many as anyone else in the Big 12 and more than the rest of his team combined. He’s thrown for 2,552 yards with 15 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

As of September, Freeman was projected as a first-round NFL draft pick if he choses to come out early. It's a good bet he will, despite what he said earlier in the season. It'll be tough to pass up big money, his chances of competing for a Big 12 title are gone, and his coach of choice will be moving on. He has a ton of records, he's made his mark in college - it's time for him to try it at the next level. I have no problem with that, just like I don't have a problem with Freeman other than he's wearing purple.

Freeman hasn’t done much to draw the ire of Nebraska fans since originally choosing to go to Manhattan. He hasn’t said anything particularly nasty about us unlike Chad “they were trying to poke my eyes out” May. In fact all Freeman has done is lose to us. I can like a guy like that.

Last year’s game in Lincoln was a 73-31 blow-out, with Freeman throwing for 320 yards and two touchdowns. Unfortunately for the Wildcats he was sacked four times on his way to a rushing total of -25. In a 21-3 loss the previous season he threw for 272 yards, with two interceptions and zero touchdowns.

If you took a poll most fans on both sides would chalk Saturday’s game up as Nebraska win. I would caution against that. Kansas State has a habit of pulling off wins when no one expects it. They have nothing to lose and Freeman can make plays.

Right now there’s only two things I wish for Josh Freeman - that he keeps his winless streak against the Huskers intact and then he turns pro. I wish him great success in those endeavors. If he can shake his thing about wearing purple on Sundays, I'll be rooting for him.