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The Big 12 Cob of the Week

Every week Corn Nation features "The Big 12 Cob Of the Week" - the worst of the Big 12 from the previous week. Husker Mike and I handle the nominations.

Husker Mike:

Colorado: Your best weapon in defeating Iowa State at home? Having the clock run out with Iowa State on your one yard line.

Versus: What the hell were you thinking in selecting Iowa State/Colorado to televise?

Kansas State: Between a porous defense that looks, well, Cosgrovian, on the field, a "1st round NFL draft pick" quarterback who can't generate any offense, an clueless administration that seems to be rudderless, and fan web sites reporting wishful thinking as breaking news, what's not to love in the Little Apple?

Corn Blight:

Cosgrovian? We could possibly work that in somewhere else in the next week, hopefully. Mike took Kansas State - I would have nominated them solely for the GoPowerCat incident where Gary Patterson was reported as the next coach way ahead of a time where that was appropriate. Get gun, shoot both feet.

Tom Osborne: Yes, I am blaspheming by nominating Osborne for this award. It comes because of this statement at Husker Extra regarding the rows of empty seats in the student section at last week’s Kansas game:

“Supposedly those seats were all sold, and we may have missed some students because of the weather or because of the Oklahoma loss or whatever,” Osborne said Monday. “But that concerns you, because usually, the last people to give up because of weather or win-loss record, you would think, would be the students. ...
“So I don’t know how to interpret it, but we may have to take a look at it. I think we have enough demand that we could certainly sell those tickets at the regular price next year if the students don’t want to come.

Last year when the decision was made to move the students away from the field, we were told it wasn't about money. Now we get this statement. Osborne states he'll look into it and I'm sure he will, but earlier in the week, I alluded to poor fan support at Texas (particularly students). It wasn't by coincidence I pointed that out.

Count me as someone who believes the students should be near the field, that their concerns should be met, and that we don't need to scavenge more of their tickets for season ticket holders. If money is of that big a concern (and it may be with the economy), then it's time to make some hard decisions other than screwing the students.

Buck Burnette, Texas backup center: Burnette was kicked off the Longhorn team for a “violation of team rules”. Burnette posted “an extremely immature, intolerant, and hateful remark about President-Elect Barack Obama” on his Facebook page right after the election.

I know I risk piling on here, but this is a weekly award for the worst of the Big 12. I’m not nominating Burnette because it’s funny or to gloat, but because it fits. That, and I know that there are plenty of young (pre-college) people who read this site and I want them to get the message - don’t put stuff on the Internet unless you intend for it to be seen by everyone. There are consequences.