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Corn Nation College Pick 'Em Week 11 Winners and Leaders

Here's your weekly update on the Corn Nation Pick 'Em Game.

zoomerjoe won this week with a 13-2 record, getting 106 points, and winning the tie breaker score over jfisch18, with the same record, and the same points. 

Grayhound remains in first place on the year, with RunTheBall in second. 

Here are our current top five leaders on the season.

1st  Grayhound
2nd  RunTheBall


This week we're going with choices. The two top winners can get a free copy of Sports Illustrated's "The College Football Book" - which is a great coffee table book and would make a pretty decent holiday present for any college football fan.

Or, you can go with a copy of "The Galloping Ghost" - an autobiography of Red Grange, an excellent read if you're a history fan.

So if zoomerjoe and jfisch18 contact me, I'll get a book sent out to the both of you. If you're not interested in either of these, please let me know so that I can them available to someone else.