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Corn Flakes Takes A Trip Around The Big 12

  You need to read a Michigan fan’s review of the Texas-Baylor game. And then you can read the reaction at BON.

And then you can be thankful that we have the fans we have at Nebraska.

  Things are a little nuts at Kansas State, now that Ron Prince is out. The KSU site, gopowercat, announced that TCU’s Gary Patterson would be the next head coach at KSU, really exciting stuff until Gary Patterson got a little miffed. Now he’s not going there. Or maybe he is. Who can tell at this point in the season?

Keep an eye on Bring on the Cats for what’s happening with the Wildcats.

  In your typical "list" article, Lawrence, Kansas, was ranked #1 of the Big 12 towns by some dude at ESPN. Lincoln, Nebraska made it #3. As interesting is the article may be, the comments are better. You get intelligent stuff like this:

Lincoln is a hick-up of a "college town". It reminds me most of Manhattan, because there is nothing around the town--which is mostly the college. There is one good pizza place though.

And here I thought that "college town" meant a town that centered itself around the college. Silly me. At least we have Val’s.

  People love lists. Remind me to do more lists. Even better, you guys do some lists. One list I’d like to see is players that Nebraskans would like to see leave early for the NFL draft. Like Jeremy Maclin. There, I started. Add some more in the comments section.

  Stewart Mandel projects us getting to the Sun Bowl in El Paso, TX against Cal. How many of you will go to El Paso to see this game?

  You’ve probably figured this out already, but it’s pretty certain the BCS National Title game will feature the Big 12 versus the SEC. Alabama/Florida versus Texas Tech/Texas/Oklahoma. The two best conferences battling it out - you don’t think the TV guys want that? Don’t you?

  All the focus is on the Big 12 South because of the high rankings, but the Big 12 North could end up a logjam.

Chaos. I like chaos, which is probably why I love college football sooooo much!!!