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Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Oklahoma Sooners Post Game Overreaction

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I could put a whole bunch of profanity here, and yet it wouldn’t quite describe the first five minutes of the game, would it?

- Game day threads. Join us next time. Husker Mike made the point during the game thread that there’s been no one who’s stopped Oklahoma’s offense. It’s a good point. Don’t feel so bad about our defense.

- Having said that, it’s clear we have a LOT of work to do to get back to competing to the top of this conference. I don’t know what the morons who were running this program were doing last year, but it's clear they had not a clue as to how to recruit for a complete football team.

- Why is Quentin Castille in the game after we secure a turnover from a team that doesn’t give them up very often? Seriously, why? If you look at the play, Ganz’ handoff is high on his body, so it’s not all on Q, so maybe it’s fate, but did you feel like all of the blood in your body drained out of you on that play? Yes? So did everyone else. (insert profanity here)

- After giving them 28 points (insert more profanity here), we played fairly well. Our defense couldn’t stop them, but who can? Our offense moved the ball well.… when Helu was in the game, we were unstoppable. The future is bright and that's the good news.

- There were times at which at the ball was snapped and our offensive line was so slow that we wiffed on blocks because the Oklahoma defensive line was past us. Again - what were the (insert more profanity here) who were running this place last year thinking?

- Argh. (It's not a pirate argh. It's a 'I've just had my liver cut out' Argh.)