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Ganz and Watson Trying to Work Out Offensive Problems

Today's Journal-Star features a discussion with Joe Ganz and Shawn Watson as to where the offense is. Ganz primarily is trying to fix the interception bug, which came back to bite the Big Red the last couple of weeks with two costly turnovers deep in Husker territory:

“That pick for a touchdown was kind of a turning point,” he said. “I just feel like I let the other guys down and it’s hard.”

Shawn Watson shows confidence in Ganz, and also explains that the starters played the whole Missouri game since he was still looking to get the offense in some sort of rhythm.

Sounds good in theory...but the Tigers had long substituted all their backups into the game. Any progress against the reserves has to be viewed in exactly that was against backups. I still maintain that was opportunity to get the backups some needed snaps. In case Shawn Watson hasn't noticed, Ganz is a senior, and nobody else eligibile to play for Nebraska next season will have much, if any, experience.