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Chase Daniel Whines "Nebraska Dirtiest Team Ever"


Remember the good old days (back when we were good) when Chad May would complain about the Husker defenders doing nasty things to his crotch while they were all together in a pile (I’ll bet I get some weird Google searches off that line).

Chad May became the guy we wanted to see destroyed. I didn't think we'd ever see a quarterback that could whine as well as May.

Now along comes Chase Daniel and he says someone from Nebraska spit on Chase Daniel. Sean Weatherspoon says it’s Ndamukong Suh. Chase Daniel says Nebraska players threw balls at the Tigers during warm-ups and hit him late. Chase Daniel says we're the dirtiest team he's ever played against. 

Spitting. Having balls throw at you. Late hits. That's what passes for "dirtiest ever" these days? Wow, Chase. At least Chad May had something to complain about. He got smashed quite a few times, probably had some, ah, bruises after the games he played against us. It's not like Chase had hit squads after him.

Chase now not only has a great team, but the "I’m So Damned Good You Should Be On Your Knees Acknowledging My Greatness" banner, ironically the same one formerly carried by May who got whinier as his team got better.

How’s it all end for Chase Daniel? Will be reach the legendary status he so desperately seeks or will it end with yet another loss and no titles to show for all his hard work?