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Shooting Pointe Blank: Missouri

I know that usually I run over the keys to each game in this article or at least I have while at CN, but this week was obviously different than other weeks, so I’ll go down a different road. While many wanted to believe that this team could be instantly transformed into at least somewhat respectable on defense at this point they cannot.

They cannot compete with a legitimate win-it-all contender like Mizzou (By the way, would like to see a Mizzou-USC match up at some point this year). They can’t do anything more than you witnessed during 2007…well, they can, but for some reason the coaches seem content in not letting them.

Look, I’m not delusional enough to think I know better in every aspect of the game than people who get paid literally millions to do their job. I can tell you, however, that there is a lot of fantastic, young talent sitting on the bench. Why? Has Nebraska officially thrown 2008 down the drain so that these players can get a year of seasoning?

Here’s a better question: If Nebraska has indeed decided to “sacrifice” 2008 because we all know Bo and several choice assistants aren’t going to get canned after year one, why are we not letting said young players on the field anyway? You don’t get better in the Big XII conference by sitting on your butt and watching film. That all goes out the window when you step on the field and have to catch Jeremy Maclin or defend against Sam Bradford or how about stoping Todd Reesing when he’s down 20-0 at the half?

I feel for Bo in that he’s obviously the “player’s coach” that many in the fan base painted him to be, but for him to make statements like we’re not going to get smacked around again this year…Coach, you do realize who your team is playing next, right? The Cornhuskers haven’t exactly done well against passing teams. I mean the 2008 unit is giving up MORE yards than LAST YEAR’s team. Same personnel too.

They just needed to be “coached right”, though or so I heard. Point being is this: I am not against Bo in fact I was for his hiring, but the rookie mistakes are being made and one huge one is not putting your best players on the field. Sure, you can call it straight opinion, but there are several players who are ready to contribute now. Pelini chooses to play who he plays especially on defense and he’s making some piss-poor choices.

Let me wrap things up on a more positive note. To the “We’ll never be good again!” crowd: Are you nuts? Texas, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, USC, Alabama, can I stop now? College football is cyclical in a lot of ways whether it comes to offenses, defenses or who is flat out good. Nebraska has a lot of advantages it shouldn’t: Money, the backing of the university, passionate fans and a rich tradition to name a few.

If Missouri can become a national title contender, Nebraska can become one AGAIN. It just takes time and living in an instant gratification society is tough. A few of the more mature folks I run into toss the label on folks, say 20-30 years their junior, but I think they’d be shocked at how many in their own age bracket show just as much of that trait.

Memorial Stadium isn’t going to stop selling out, the sun will still rise, however as I have said in past blogs this program is still trying to crawl let alone walk. There will be some new people on the coaching staff eventually. Could be in a year, could be two, but this is not the staff to get things done. Not entirely, anyway. The Missouri game sucked and surely several others will too if not just for a loss, but there can, and more than likely will, be a brighter future for Nebraska football than what was witnessed last night.