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Nebraska vs. Missouri Post Game Overreaction - The Show Must Go On

You know the old phrase used in show business - "the show must go on"?

This is the line you say to a performer who's feeling badly about what's about to happen. They're feeling that something's wrong, there's something in the air, like facing a noose, or an electric chair.

"The Show Must Go On" is what you throw in their face to make them accept the inevitable - Yes, you're going to do this, and it doesn't matter how bad it is, you're going to do it anyway. It will feel like death, but it won't be. Now get out there, dammit, and fail and when you do remember what it feels like so you work harder and you don't let it happen again.

I know this because I've been on stage where I've failed miserably and felt the sting, and it's one of the shittiest feelings you can have. Anyone who's played a sport knows the feeling because God has a way of providing humility when he senses we need it to grow. 

The good thing is that this feeling kills the souls of those who don't have what it takes to stand up week after week - those with no resolve. The bad thing is... well, that could be you or me.

And so here we are.

The Show Must Go On.  We're not canceling the rest of this football season - because not playing isn't in Bo Pelini's profile or job description. It was in Bill Callahan's  and Kevin Cosgrove's contracts but those guys are long gone and they got paid very well for FAIL.

The show continues:

- This was a worse ass-kicking than last year's 41-6 loss in Columbia. It was worse because it happened at home, and it was worse because we expected more. In two seasons, Missouri 93, Nebraska 23.

- If you read the series on the spread offense I did with Beergut, you had to realize that we didn't have the athletes to stop Missouri's offense. You knew, as I did, the only way to win this game was to run the ball successfully. We had SEVEN yards at half time. SEVEN. Granted some losses when Ganz didn't just throw the ball away, but SEVEN yards???? Man that stings.

- Missouri may be one of the best offenses in the history of college football. Chase Daniel may be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. I'm not kidding. The man is so efficient, the offense so crisp and explosive. What do you think, I'm wrong?

- We're still looking for players, guys that want to play football. It's clear from this game that there's plenty of guys who are experienced who still don't understand the defense.

- The offensive line remains a great disappointment. I'm shocked by their inability to run block. Bill Callahan or someone else really effed up their brains and I'm not kidding by that comment.

- I'm still here, and I'm always going to be here because I'm that dumbass who believes the line:

"Not the victory but the action; Not the goal but the game; In the deed the glory"

Or when we sing:

There is no place like Nebraska,
Where they're all true blue.
We'll all stick together,
In all kinds of weather,
For dear old Nebraska U!

Romantic to the point of stupidity?

Yeah. ....

But that's what love is.