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Corn Flakes - The Big Time Cometh

The spread offense series took some time so I am behind on other things. I'm very appreciative we have someone like Beergut around, can't say that enough, but trying to figure out how to do the animations properly online took, ah, time.

Anyway, on to stuff that you may have seen already. I still feel the need to comment on these things.

Tom Shatel's interview at the Columbia Tribune's blog "Behind the Stripes" is most excellent. The key part for me is thus:

To me, his biggest challenge will be patience, and having the patience to build this right. The Pelini Project is going to take four years minimum. Bo is not a patient guy. He's like most Husker fans: He wants to get there yesterday. But he can't rush it or cut corners. Husker Nation needs to back off and let this guy do his thing.

Amen to you, Shatel Missouri alum dude. Absolutely correct in the concept that we need to show patience. When you combine Shatel's comments with this article on the Husker Extra blog "Life in the Red" regarding Keith Williams replacing Mike Huff at starting left guard, you kind of get the point.

It's not the article (replacing Mike Huff is a darned good idea) at Life in the Red that's the problem - look at the comments!

Any negative perception by Husker fans and they're all over the Nebraska media guys. It's no wonder what we get from them is mostly fluff.

I believe the only way you're going to get anywhere with our program is staying honest with ourselves about what's happening. I would love the comments here - the anger I can do without - but if you keep a sense of humor about it you're welcome to say pretty much anything.

You guys are going to Big Red Network and grabbling their pocket guide, aren't you? They do a great job for home games, they provide a weather report on a weekly basis, and pictures of the games. I don't look at BRN as a competitor, but as more good coverage out there for Husker fans.

Speaking of competitors, Mizzou blog Rock M Nation turns one year old today. Happy Birthday ya bastages - here's to ruining it!

Two guys from the Sporting News predict us to win. Hey, I did too, as three of us from CN were interviewed by a Missouri TV station earlier this week.

Next week, we'll have hats for sale. Here's the thing. I don't like cheap stuff, so anything available here won't be cheap and by that I mean something that's poorly put together and not worth the money. The hats will be embroidered with Cobby, as shown below:


T-shirts will be available later. Design below. I've spent a fair amount of time looking around, and I'll just say this - I don't like what the sites like Cafepress, Zazzle, or Spreadshirt are doing with T-shirts.

I want something that looks nice - so ours will be screen printed. This makes them more expensive and more difficult to get because I haven't yet figured out how to process credit cards or put together an online store.


If you're interested in either a hat or t-shirt, please contact me via email -