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2008 College Football Week Nine Predictions: Stay Focused

Not a lot of big games this weekend. May be a bunch of intriguing games, but not a lot of big ones. That's okay with me, it's as if they scheduled the games perfectly so that I can focus on Nebraska vs. Oklahoma.

Okay, so I'll be watching Texas vs Texas Tech, Georgia vs. Florida.

I'll be watching part of Pitt vs. Notre Dame, but that's only because I like watching car wrecks. I want to see who looks more lost - Charlie Weis or Dave Pornstache. Kind of sick, eh?


Iowa State @ Okie State

Cowboys favored by 30

Husker Mike: Lamb.  Slaughter.
Cowboys 63, Cl0nes 10

Corn Blight: Iowa State showed so much promise early in the season. And they have some great young players. That Johnson kid that causes fumbles, and quarterback Austen Arnaud. Where’d that promise go?
Okie State 56, Iowa State 20

Missouri @ Baylor

Tiggers favored by 20

Corn Blight: Griffin scores. No one notices. Missouri mistakenly takes out their anger when it doesn't matter much.
Missouri 62, Baylor 32

Husker Mike: I'm going for over 100...
Tigers 66, Bears 38

Colorado @ Texas A&M

Aggies favored by 3.5

Corn Blight: Texas A&M off a fresh win, and Colorado seems lost. Yet I can see the Buffs pulling out a win in Texas.
CU 31, Texas A&M 27

Husker Mike: Colorado swirling around the bowl. Colorado can't score.  And lately, can't stop anybody from scoring.
Aggies 26, Buffies 13

Kansas State @ Kansas

Kansas favored by 10.5

Corn Blight: It's more a matter of whether or not the Jayhawks have some kind of hangover after being throttled by the Red Raiders. Then again, if we're talking about hangovers - doesn't that describe Kansas State's season?
Jayhawks 48, Wildcats  28

Husker Mike:  Kansas may be a fraud...but Kansas State is an even bigger fraud.  The Jayhawks defense got exposed against Oklahoma, but the Wildcats have been guilty of indecent exposure for over a month.
Jayhawks 49, Wildcats 24

Texas @ Texas Tech

Texas favored by 4

Husker Mike: I keep waiting for Texas to hiccup. I thought Tech was overrated until last week. But I'm not so sure that wasn't Kansas returning to suckage. Colt McCoy is due for an off game. But not this week.
Bovines 49, Raiders 35

Corn Blight: The big question is - can Colt McCoy keep being nearly perfect? Can Texas beat four top 10 teams in a row? Remember - Tech plays well at home, so I'm going with Tech.
Texas Tech 49, Texas 42

Geowgia-Flowida in the World’s Largest Cocktail Party

Florida favored by 6

Husker Mike: This one's going to be a barnburner. Up until last week, I would make this a 10-14 point win for Florida.
Corn Blight: They both beat LSU badly, but Georgia did it on the road. It was an ass-kicking.
Husker Mike: I think Florida kicked their ass more. The scores were Florida 51, LSU 21 -  Ga 52, LSU 38, so in this one:
Florida 31, Georgia 24
Corn Blight: I'm going with Georgia.
Georgia 38, Florida 31

Pitt @ Notre Dame

Amish favored by 5

Corn Blight: Charlie Weis still sucks. Dave Wannstache sucks more.
Notre Dame 24, Pitt 21

Husker Mike: This is what I used to call a thermonuclear bomb game. If both teams blew up, who would miss them?
Torn ACL 28, Pornstache 21


Huskers @ Sooners

Sooners favored by 22

Husker Mike: I think this one is going to be a shootout. At least in the first half. The Sooner offense is absolutely lethal. We need to keep playing keep away, though a couple of deep throws won't hurt. We need to find some sort of deep threat. Holt is out.  Gilleylen has the stone hands of Abdul Muhammad, but Niles Paul has the wheels to do it.
Husker Mike: Oklahoma 49, Huskers 35

Corn Blight: Oklahoma is going to run and throw deep. We're going to try to run and we're going to try throwing deep. We'll have to throw deep early to soften up their run support. Marcus Mendoza = x factor
My homer pick - Nebraska 31, Oklahoma 28.