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Corn Flakes Would Fire Pelini For Not Beating Oklahoma

Tom Osborne’s apparently told Bo Pelini he’s gone if he can’t beat Oklahoma this coming weekend:

Has athletic director Tom Osborne given him any advice about what to do in Saturday's game?

"He told me to win the game. He told me if I don't win, I'm fired," Pelini joked at his weekly news conference Tuesday.

The kicker is that Osborne lost the first five games he coached against Oklahoma, finally winning in 1978.

"He's been away from coaching long enough, in his mind he didn't lose any," Pelini said.

Think maybe these two guys are doing well with each other?

  Want to feel better about our chances against Oklahoma? ESPN’s Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin comes up with some insight as to how badly the Sooners are missing linebacker Ryan Reynolds.

I notice in the comments section on that Griffin article that some Sooner fan is whining that one guy shouldn’t make that big a difference to a defense. The real reason is Venables sucks, he says.

To which I say - if that’s the case, then sit Sam Bradford if you don’t think one guy can’t make that much difference. Oh, that’s different he might say. That’s the offense. Defensive players can be swapped like lug nuts.


Even Matt at C&C wonders why Sooners fans can’t be happy. Hey, you’re winning the Cob of the Week Voting by a long shot! Happy now?

But wait, there’s more bad news for Oklahoma! Order now and you’ll get Another key advantage for Nebraska - we’re going to play a whole gob of linebackers in place of injured Phillip Dillard.

To match up against the bulkier Sooner formations, Nebraska will have to put two, and often times three, linebackers on the field.

Imagine the look on Bob Stoops face when he sees us playing 14 guys on defense.

Okay, it’s a lousy joke. Here.… feel better.…