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Husker Volleyball Loses to Colorado

Earlier, I'd commented that I hadn't done much with this year's volleyball team due to a lack of time. I should have been done more - with additional juju in their favor, perhaps they wouldn't have lost tonight to Colorado.

They suffered their first loss of the season, 3-1 (25-19, 27-25, 18-25, 25-16), hitting only .153, committing 14 service errors (ouch!) and being out-blocked (blasphemy!) by the Buffs 14.5 - 8.

That's the bad news.

The good news? Texas lost tonight to Oklahoma, which means the Huskers stay a game up on them after having beaten them earlier in the season.

Before tonight, the Huskers were undefeated, ranked #2, while Texas was #3.

You know what this means. We need more volleyball content to make up for the loss.