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2008 College Football Week Five Predictions: Conference Play Begins!

 Last week we saw chaos and madness and everyone went into shock. We’re already five weeks into the season - it shouldn’t be that surprising that there are upsets, is it?

Parity parity parity - we keep hearing the word, but it’s not sinking in. Now we head into conference play. No one in the Big 12 has a bye until Oklahoma and Texas Tech take the week of November 15th off. That’s a lot of football - injuries pile up. What we see now may not be around by then and maybe the conference will turn on it’s head.

So many great quarterbacks in the Big 12, but are there any good backups? You don’t want to be the team that has to find out, do you?

Auburn @ Vanderbilt

Auburn favored by 4.5

Husker Mike: Wait a minute.  How the h*** did Vanderbilt show up on this list? Simple.. defense. Problem is... Auburn plays good defense too.
Auburn 24, Vanderbilt 17

Corn Blight: It’s at Vandy, they’re on a streak. I shouldn’t pick them, but I’m going to anyway. Auburn misses Muschamp, and a decent offense.
Vandy 21, Auburn 17

Florida State @ Miami

Miami favored by 2.5

Husker Mike: Remember when this used to be "THE Game"? College football is not the same anymore...
Florida State 27, Miami 21

Corn Blight: Miami is favored - why? This one goes to the team with the least turnovers. I know that’s trite, but in this case.…. it fits very well.
Florida State 24, Miami 21

Ohio State @ Wisconsin

Ohio State favored by 2.5

Husker Mike: Badgers blew a big lead against Weasels.  And while the Buckeyes may not be as bad as they looked against USC, there's no reason they should be favored in Madison.
Badgers 24, Buckeyes 13

Corn Blight: This is a big game in the Big 10, if there is such a thing this season. My head says to pick the Buckeyes, my heart the Badgers. I nearly never go with my head - it’s a darned good thing I don’t ever put money on this stuff. Beanie Wells thinks he can still win the Heisman - time to prove it!
Badgers 31, Buckeyes 28

Big 12 Conference

Texas @ Colorado

Texas favored by 14

Husker Mike: Texas has been dominant all season.  Colorado hasn't looked so hot (except against West Virginia).  No reason to expect much otherwise.
Bovines 38, Buffies 10

Corn Blight: Texas has dominated Florida Atlantic, UTEP, a lost Arkansas team, and the Rice Owls. Colorado has at least played teams with a pulse. I don’t think the Buffs will win, but there will be plenty of bitching next week in Austin.
Texas 35, Colorado 31

Oklahoma @ Baylor

Oklahoma favored by 27

Husker Mike: Baylor isn't Baylor anymore...but Oklahoma is still Oklahoma.
Sooners 38, Bears 17

Corn Blight: Robert Griffin vs Sam Bradford? No, surrounding cast vs. surrounding cast. Could be fun to watch, though.
Sooners 42, Bears 24

Texas Tech @ Kansas State

Texas Tech favored by 7.5

Husker Mike: Puddytats gave up 509 yards to Directional Louisiana.  Here comes Graham Harrell, Michael Crabtree, and Mike Leach's offense.  Might need the scoreboard from Bramledge Coliseum.
Raiders 63, Wildcats 28

Corn Blight: Why is Tech only favored by 7.5? Guys in Vegas must be betting a lot on KSU’s offense because their defense caught Nebraska’s "walk-around" disease from last season.
Texas Tech 56, Kansas State 38

Texas A&M @ Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State favored by 24.5

Husker Mike: Aggies are woeful; Cowboys coasted through their non-conference schedule.
Cowboys 42, Aggies 13

Corn Blight: It’s a sad season for the Aggies. More lost than normal under a first-year coach. An early sign that Mike Sherman sucks? I still don’t understand that hire.
Cowpokes 45, Aggies 10

Kansas @ Iowa State

Kansas favored by 13

Husker Mike: 2008 is not the year to be rebuilding in the Big XII.
Jayhawks 31, Cyclones 13

Corn Blight: Young quarterback Austen Arnaud improves weekly. The Cyclones have a decent offensive line. I really want to pick Iowa State in this one, but I don’t think they’re there yet.
Kansas 31, Iowa State 24

Missouri @ Nebraska

Missouri favored by 11

Husker Mike: Over the summer, I thought Nebraska had the talent to compete with Missouri in Lincoln. Problem is, this rebuilding process is taking much longer than I thought.  If Nebraska makes the same mistakes they've been making the first four games, this could get ugly fast.
Tigers 41, Nebraska 24

Corn Blight: I never thought we had the talent, but we might have the heart. No one’s taken Missouri to the wire, and that’s what we need to look for in this game. That, a solid running game and some timely turnovers by the Tigers. Realistic pick by me? No, I’m going all homer on all y’all.

You’d think that with nearly no one picking the Cornhuskers the spread would be even bigger than it is.
Nebraska 31, Missouri 30