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Corn Flakes Is Here To Help

It’s time for a site update, to remind you of some of the things happening here at Corn Nation and how you can better use the site.

  Corn Nation has been on twitter for a while, so if you’re the tweet type follow us for updates. We're also on Facebook as "Corn Nation".

  We’re also available mobile at We don’t have the ability to post updates via mobile devices yet, but that’s just around the corner.

  Don’t forget that Corn Nation members can create Fanposts and Fanshots. Fanposts allow you to create your own topics.

Fanshots allow you to add even more content, however, adding a fanshot by clicking on the "New Fanshot" link at the upper left seems like a lot of work. Instead, use the "Share on SB Nation" button available on the Fanshot page of your profile.

You can get to the Fanshot page by clicking on your user name at the upper left, then clicking on the "Fanshots" link on that page (this is different than the "New Fanshot" button). Here you’ll find the "Share on SB Nation" button. You can drag this button to the bookmark bar on your browser and easily create fanshots by using that button from there.

Links - When you find an interesting article. Just click the "Share on SB Nation" button from your browser bookmark bar and it’ll automatically make a Link Fanshot and give you a place to add your own description.

Quotes - If you want to make a Quote FanShot, highlight a portion of the article and then click the "Share on SB Nation" button from your browser bookmark bar. It will automatically populate the fields of your FanShot.

Images - Right click and "view image" so that the the image is on it's own page. Then click the "Share on SB Nation" button.

Video - On YouTube (or other video sites that allow embedding) just click the button and it'll take care of the rest.

I would  love to see more use of the Fanshots and Fanposts, especially for support of other sports besides football. I haven't had time to post much on the volleyball team this season, so if you're a volleyball fan, please feel free to start posting more about them.

  There are several options to promote published stories. You can click on the "Rec" button to recommend a story so that it stays on the main page for a longer period. You can click on the Facebook, Digg, or Yahoo Buzz buttons to share it or promote it on those sites (you must be a member of those services to do so).

  There’s a lot here on SB Nation, and we’re adding more all the time. It can be confusing, but I can answer any questions you might have, so you can email me using the little mail icon at the bottom of the page, or you can create a fanpost.

And of course, don't forget that you can always comment on existing stories.