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Happy Thought of the Week - There's Still A Chance! (To Win the Big 12 North)

We’re Tied for First in the Big 12 North!!!! Yeah! And there’s still a chance we can win our half the conference! Yeah!

If we can go into Oklahoma and take care of business this weekend, then Missouri happens to lose to Baylor (they’re 0-1 in Texas already), while Kansas gets beaten down by rival Kansas State, their confidence shattered after last week’s beat down against Texas Tech. That puts Nebraska one game up on everyone that still counts.

The following week, Nebraska beats Kansas, while Missouri loses to Kansas State - everyone knows Kansas State is due to knock off a good team and they haven’t yet done it this year, so why not Missouri?

After that, Kansas loses to Texas, Missouri beats Iowa State while Nebraska beats Kansas State, the Wildcats being no threat after having knocked off Missouri the week before.

In the last week, Missouri loses to Kansas and Nebraska beats Colorado, winning the Big 12 North.

Oh, yeah! I can see it now! Nebraska, Big 12 North Champion with a shot to beat Texas in the Big 12 title game!

(What I need now is a contingency plan, just in case it doesn't work out this way. Stay tuned........ )