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Big 12 Cob Of the Week - The Worst of the Big 12

For this past week's worst of the Big 12 performance, we have the following nominees:

Husker Mike:

Todd Reesing gets my vote for turning into Beau Davis in the second half. Davis at least had an excuse; true freshman, first game, on the road in a hostile environment. Reesing had none of those, unless all those sleeping Beakers were snoring too loudly. Same result though...a Texas Tech blowout victory.


Iowa State Cyclones: Hey, I love our brothers at Clone Chronicles, but when you get 49 hung on you by Texas A&M, but in the Battle of the Outhouse Stars, we found our Big XII fodder of the year.

Anyone who allows Mike Sherman a win (I’m looking at you, Longhorns), should hang their heads in shame. I voted for your uniforms, damnit! Voting is supposed to mean something in this day and age! You damn Cyclones get off my FieldTurf!

Corn Blight:

Mine is somewhat esoteric. My Cob this week goes to Big 12 fans, especially those of winning teams who hate their defensive coordinators. I’ve noticed comments on stories at The Oklahoman wanting Brent Venables fired. The same with Oklahoma message boards. It’s not enough they scored 55 points in the first half against KSU. It’s that they gave up a bunch of yardage. Oh, and there’s that loss to Texas. It’s not that Colt McCoy is having an incredible season, or that the Longhorns may be a better team, it’s that someone must be shot for the loss.

During last week’s Texas vs Oklahoma State Game Day thread at BON, several community members were all over Will Muschamp, including one who stated they could wouldn’t be bothered if Will Muschamp left next season. The idea that someone would castigate a defensive coordinator for keeping Oklahoma State to 24 points is idiotic, especially a DC who may win you a national title. What is enough for you guys?

Don’t you think by now we’d have all figured out that the Big 12 is an offensive powerhouse this season and that everyone’s defense is going to give up a lot of yardage? Isn’t it enough that you’re winning games, or does every game have to be some type of junior high level video game beat down to keep you happy?