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Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Baylor Baylor - Game Photos

We're please to present game day photos from the Nebraska - Baylor game. All photos are by professional photographer Dennis Hubbard.


Bo Pelin getting after the refs. One could argue that Pelini's fiery nature is costing him the marginal calls. It's worthy of discussion, perhaps.


Joe Ganz on a pitch play to Quentin Castille. Nice tongue work, Joe!


Record setter Nate Swift


Niles Paul is making a name for himself as a returner and receiver. Could he be the down-field threat we're looking for?


Marlon Lucky breaking free.


Matt Slauson - future NFL guard?


Ndamukong Suh - force in the middle, arguably the best Husker player this season.


Ganz with that tongue doing the work again.


Marlon Lucky - great vision.


And what game day would be complete without a Husker Cheerleader?