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Corn Nation College Pick 'Em Week 9 Winners and Leaders

Here's your weekly update on the Corn Nation Pick 'Em Game. I'm in four pick 'em games. I was doing fairly well in Rocky Top Talk's game, but I completely forgot get my picks in for their game, BON, and In the Bleachers. So, I suck all around now.

zoomerjoe won this week with a 13-2 record, getting 110 points.

Here are our current top five leaders on the season.

1st  Tombstone
2nd  famethrowa


This week we are giving away a free copy of Sports Illustrated's "The College Football Book" - which is a great coffee table book and would make a pretty decent Christmas or birthday present. 

I need the winner to contact me, so , please email me with your contact information and I will make sure your award is sent.