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Shooting Pointe Blank: Baylor

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the bar table commentary that your buddies make just about each and every time you sit down for a pint. If there’s a wedding, birthday party, bar mitzvah, etc., you can schedule it on game day and some people HAVE to be there. Not me. I have my priorities in line. Unfortunately when called into work during a Cornhusker game…the line, she is somewhat blurred.

So here I am missing my first televised and/or live game in the history of time and I can now say brothers and sisters: I feel your pain. Texting 15 people asking for score updates, having to jump to the lone computer that has access to certain sites allowing us to see scores because we all know that if we could watch tickers (and we do) that nothing would get done. It makes you wonder what Ben Franklin did when he wanted to find out college football scores from across the country.

Normally we’d go by the keys to the game for this article, but I’m going to go from a different perspective this week: The guy who had to work and is extremely pissed off that he missed watching the game. It appears I was mistaken in pushing Baylor’s RB and QB combo to the side, but what I was impressed with was the way errors in play were clamped down on in the second half by Nebraska.

As I had agreed with an individual here on Corn Nation earlier this season, this team is not be the same team that began the season. This is why I go into the next game against the Sooners with a bit of optimism. Do I expect Nebraska to win? Not necessarily, but with no pressure on their shoulders, who knows what could happen? Given when you’ve got the weaponry that Bob Stoops has in this matchup, the talent level is obviously on the side of Oklahoma. That being said I was glad to snag a win (and a safety) against Baylor as I feel that KSU and Colorado should be “W”s both.

End result if that happens: Nebraska finds itself playing in a bowl game and I think that Year One of the Bo Pelini Era can be considered a success. Cart before wagon time there, though as it’s time to concentrate on the TRUE RIVALRY, there, happy now? 

What did we learn from this week, boys and girls? Perhaps Castille needs to invest in duct tape and you’d better get used to that frickin’ song.