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Husker Tussle on the Turf: Mark Manning vs. Brandon Rigoni

Three years ago, Husker wrestling coach Mark Manning and special teams captain Brandon Rigoni got into a little trash talking around the training table.  Manning boasted that he could take down Rigoni, and the challenge was on.

Of course, since he was part of the team, nobody wanted to sacrifice eligibility (or injury) on everything sat aside.  Fast forward to 2008...Rigoni is now part of the strength and conditioning staff, so the battle was on between Mark "The Mangler" Manning and Brandon Rigoni.

And like everything else today, someone got it on camera and posted it to YouTube...

Check out all the players and coaches from across the athletic department; Doc Sadler and Bo Pelini look like they're having a blast.  And you absolutely don't want to miss Rigoni hurdling Manning...  Serious air.

In the end, the Mangler managed to stop Rigoni on attempt 4, thus taking the trophy of the first Tussle on the Turf, awarded by Tom Osborne.  Watch the assembled coaching and support staff go nuts when the Mangler finally stones Rigoni...