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2008 College Football Week Eight Predictions: Manic Lifestyle

Mike and I usually join up for a chat on Thursday night, then run through all the games. Last night I was exhausted after a trip to Wisconsin, so we did them via email, then I proceeded to not sleep a single minute for the night.

I'm not sure what it is - I'm not overly worried about anything in particular, but I run into periods where I don't sleep very much, if at all. Perhaps there's some manic-depressive in there, I don't know. I know that as I'm getting older, it's becoming more of a problem.

Bottom line - if you see anything goofy in the picks this week, well, I may not be all here.

Texas A&M @ Iowa State
Iowa State favored by 3

Husker Mike: A couple of weeks ago, a Cyclone alum I know was planning to take the whole family along to watch the Clones beat up on the woeful Aggies.  Then the bottom fell out on the Clones season.  Aggies have been mediocre to horrible all season, while Iowa State has been decent at times this season.  With 10 horrible quarters in a row, the Clones are due for a bounceback.
Cyclones 28, Gaggies 16

Corn Blight: Iowa State plays well at home... most of the time. Against the Aggies, they should finally get a win.
Cyclones 35, Aggies 24

Texas Tech @ Kansas
Kansas favored by 1.5
Husker Mike: Tech is a top ten team that really hasn't played like one yet this season.  Kansas put up a nice fight against the Sooners last week.  Take the Beakers here...
Jayhawks 38, Raiders 27

Corn Blight: Tech isn't that good on the road, and they haven't really played anyone yet this season. Still, I'm picking them because I think Kansas just doesn't have it this season.
Red Raiders 42, Jayhawks 38

Colorado @ Missouri
Missouri favored by 22
Husker Mike: The Tigers had their dreams crushed two weeks ago, and then got exposed badly by Texas last week.  Either their season completely implodes on Saturday, or the Tigers explode all over the hapless Buffies.
Tigers 56, Buffaloes 7

Corn Blight: This one will tell us whether or not Missouri is going to hold it together or come part this season now that their goal of playing for a national title is out the window. Thing is, Missouri can play badly and still beat Colorado. I wouldn't take the points if I were you.
Mizzou 42, Colorado 28

Oklahoma State @ Texas
Texas favored by 13
Husker Mike: Last two Texas visits to Stillwater, the "Imamans" led huge at halftime, only to lose in the second half. History repeats again?
Longhorns 49, Cowboys 38

Corn Blight: This is an interesting game. Are the Cowboys for real? Can they outplay the Longhorns? Texas has to 'get up' for yet another big game. Can they do it again? I'll say yes because they're at home.
Longhorns 42, Cowboys 35

Oklahoma @ Kansas State
Oklahoma favored by 19
Husker Mike: Oklahoma's potent offense meets K-State's sieve of a defense.
Sooners 84, Wildkitties 14
Well, ok.  Stoops won't run it up THAT bad. Try this instead.
Sooners 49, Wildkitties 17

Corn Blight: Kansas State always pulls off a win they have no business getting. Not this week, though.
Sooners 52, Wildcats 23

Georgia @ LSU
LSU favored by 2
Husker Mike: Tigers getting well.  Bulldogs still hurting.
Tigers 27, Bulldogs 14

Corn Blight: LSU at home.
LSU 28, Georgia 21

Virginia Tech @ Florida State
Florida State favored by 4.5
Husker Mike: Does Tech ever get to play at home?
Hokies 27, Seminoles 21

Penn State @ Ohio State
Penn State favored by 2.5
Husker Mike: Ohio State started to edge back into the national picture, putting the visions of past blowouts behind them. Guess what happens again?
Lions 42, Buckeyes 13

Corn Blight: I'm going with the Buckeyes, and I hope I'm wrong. I can see Beanie Wells running all over Penn State.
Buckeyes 28, Nitts 24

Baylor @ Nebraska
Nebraska favored by 11
Husker Mike: Baylor laid an egg last week against Okie State, but sure made a statement against Washington State, UConn, and Iowa State earlier this season. Is this a trap game for the Big Red?  Nahh...
Huskers 38, Bears 24

Corn Blight: It's still Baylor. Our offense is clicking, and our defense is coming around.
Cornhuskers 38, Bears 24  (I like Mike's score)