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Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Baylor Bears - Big 12 Stats Rankings

Granted these statistics are about three games, but after the jump are Nebraska’s and Baylor’s ranking in Big 12 statistical categories. I was looking around, wondering what Baylor does well. Turns out... they don’t do a lot very well. On the other hand, I"m not sure we do either. 

These are Big 12 statistics only. Nebraska has played Missouri, Texas Tech, and Iowa State - which means we’ve faced two of the best offenses in the nation. Baylor has played Oklahoma, Iowa State, and Oklahoma State - which means they’ve faced two really good offensive teams too. 



Big 12 Statistical Ranking Nebraska Baylor
Scoring Offense 8 10 (thought we’d be higher but look at these Big 12 teams!)
Rushing Offense 5 8
Scoring Defense 8 6
Rushing Defense 6 11
Pass Offense 3 11
Total offense 4 10
Pass Defense 1 5
Total Defense 4 8 (after Missouri and Texas Tech this ain’t so bad)
Kickoff Returns 2 5
Punt Return Avg 9 11
Punting 11 2
Pass Efficiency 7 9 (thought this would be higher)
Turnover Margin 12 3
Pass Def Efficiency 9 6 (sounds like a category your boss would use against you in your review when you thought you were doing well)
First Downs 4 10
3rd Down Conversions 3 11
Opponent 1st Downs 1 8 (means we’ve given up the fewest first downs)
Opp. 3rd Dn Conversion 8 6
Sacks By 10 12
Sacks Against 7 8
Penalties 12 2 (we’ve gotten the most in the Big 12)
Field Goals 6 1 (four way tie for first with four apiece)
Opp Penalties 12 3
PAT Kicking 1 11 (eight way tie for first. completely useless statistic)
4th Down Conversions 11 8 (Missouri is 12th here. Hahahahaha)
Time of Possession 1 7 (people who say this is underrated are idiots)
Opp 4th Down 10 11 (after three games this doesn’t mean much)
Kickoff Coverage 3 12 (Admit it, you thought we were worse here)
Red Zone Offense 4 5
Red Zone Defense 6 9 (this is where it counts isn’t it?)