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Worst of the Big 12 - The Big 12 "Cob Of the Week"

Ah, the Cob of the Week. Our weekly award going to the worst of the Big 12. Last week’s Cob, as voted on by you fans, went to Chase Daniel by a wide margin. This week, even Mike had mercy on Chase Daniel, proving that we’re capable of holding back some times.

Husker Mike:
Chase Daniel would be the easy target, but I'll go a different direction. My choice is Cody Hawkins. After yet another horrible start against the #105 defense in college football, your dad had to pull the redshirt off of Tyler Hansen to try and salvage the Buffaloes season. He'll probably be in trouble with your mom for doing it, but he had no choice.


Phillip Bates. Yeah, he's no longer a member of the Big XII, but pulling a punk move by straight up quitting because he knew he wasn't going to beat out Arnaud was just lame. Apparently "effort" isn't in Bates' vocabulary.

Corn Blight:

It pains me to do this, but I’m going to give mine to the entire Big 12 North. Things looked good coming into the season, didn’t they? Then this past week, Mizzou was smashed by Texas, Kansas mauled by Oklahoma. The week before that, Missouri loses at home to Oklahoma State.

The Big 12 North was 10-8 against the South last season. Compare that to previous seasons: In 2006, the Big 12 North 5-13 against the South. In 2005, the North was 6-11, in 2004 the record was 3-15, 2003 was 6-12 and in 2002 the North was 7-11. I’d hate to think what the record is against teams not named Baylor.

So far this season the Big 12 North has one win against the South - Kansas State’s “big” win over a struggling Texas A&M team. Big 12 North, thy suckage is great!