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Corn Nation College Pick 'Em Week 8 Winners and Leaders

Here's your weekly update on the Corn Nation Pick 'Em Game. Was going to publish this last night, but my drive to central Wisconsin ended up being longer than I expected as I made a wrong turn in the middle of the night and drove about... oh, hell, much longer than I expected.

Probably shouldn't admit to something so stupid so publicly, eh? It's okay, I'll have been married 19 years come the end of the month. I'm used to being wrong.

Bugeater1952 won this week with a 15-1 record, getting 135 points.

Here are our current top five leaders on the season. Grayhound has taken the lead, and we have a three-way tie at second:

1st  Grayhound
2nd  famethrowa
5th  Lenin


This week we are giving away a free copy of Sports Illustrated's "The College Football Book" - which is a great coffee table book and would make a pretty decent Christmas or birthday present. 

I need the winner to contact me, so , please email me with your contact information and I will make sure your award is sent.