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Corn Flakes is Gittin' Angry At All Y'all

Remember, Corn Flakes Aren't Just for Breakfast Anymore!

Tom Shatel has a whole gob of people who sent him emails who are clearly angry about how things are going with the football team. You’ve got yer guys who think we should run the no-huddle, your guy who thinks that a high number of penalties equates to dirty play, and another guy who rambles on about ‘super secret defensive plans’.

You know what I think? I think it’s God’s revenge for being sued. Now that the suit has been thrown out of court things ought to improve, unless of course, we deserve this. Remember - "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with all y'all".

Think happy thoughts or something, will ya? Get a sense of humor, for crying out loud. If we continue to lose, it’s your fault, remember that God reference above. Insert "karma" if the word "God" bothers you.

Backup QB Phillip Bates left Iowa State because he wants to play quarterback, "some things occurred" (like not playing a down against Kansas and having the realization that Austen Arnaud IS the starter) and mid-season was the right time to leave town.

"Since my freshman year until now, some things have occurred, and I just felt like this was a good time for me to step down," Bates said. "I just felt like I wouldn’t get to maximize my potential here at Iowa State."

In the middle of something is always the time to quit and leave abruptly especially when people are counting on you. The article quotes a whole bunch of schools who are looking for a quarterback, including the non-existent country of Belgium. Notice who’s not there? Nebraska. We need no quitters, thank you very much.

Big Red Network releases their weekly pocket guide. Those guys do a darned good job of pre-game preparation stuff for you, so support them, dammit!

Some Nebraska Husker bloggin’ fools have participated in a mid-season Big Red Roundtable. Check ‘em out:

Husker Guy, Husker Mike at his Blasphemy site, Big Red Network. If I missed someone, post a comment, please.

We’ll be posting ours (sans Mike) later tonight because... I don’t get out much anymore, I’m not going to Ames for the game for the first time in about, oh, 16 years, and I’ll have nothing else to do. Sad existence? No, I’m sure there’s a game on.