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Keys to the Game: Iowa State

So close. So very, very close to snagging a win outside the confines of Memorial Stadium. Don’t let it get you down though, boys, because the Cyclones of Iowa State should be very huskable as long as you’re still holding onto the same keys as last week, but while one key remains, two new ones come into the picture.

1.) K.I.S.S. – You can refer to this as “Remember the Red Raiders” if you’d like. What was shown against Tech was near perfection for this team and while that usually brings a letdown the week after, Austen Arnaud is not Graham Harrell nor does he have a Michael Crabtree. That being said, it brings me to the next key:

2.) Remember San Jose State! – In Lincoln, SJSU showed how this team did initially against mobile QBs and let’s face it. No one is always fantastic against a mobile quarterback. If a QB that was a dual threat was no good, they wouldn’t be recruited like they’re the hot commodity that they are. Austen Arnaud may not be a passing fiend (nor may his receivers be helping him in that aspect), but he is a danger in both areas. A spy will be needed to keep Arnaud in check. My vote goes to Eric Hagg (honestly it goes to Asante, but that won’t be happening).

3.) Please…let…go – Holding and false start. If I hear those four words again when referencing a Nebraska game this season I think I’ll go loony. Hey, I understand that there are “certain levels” of holding. The point is not to make it blatantly obvious! If your man’s going to get sacked for 4 yards and you help him stay upright but give up 10, who does this help? Certainly not you. Go back and watch the Tech game’s starting lineup and the line that was in at the end. Notice any differences? I did.

In summary: As long as Nebraska can work with the offense that Shawn Watson put out there for all to see against Texas Tech and the defense can click about 50% of the time, ISU should be Nebraska’s first road win of the season. Keep Arnaud under your thumb and please, for the love of everything sacred and holy, you know the snap count, linemen. Use that information.