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Q&A With Iowa State Blog Clone Chronicles - Nebraska vs Iowa State

CrossCyed over at the Iowa State blog Clone Chronicles joined us for some witty banter this week. We sent him questions about the upcoming Nebraska - Iowa State game and he was good enough to respond. 

He sent us some questions as well, including one that said:

Marv Seiler

To which my response was my story about the 1992 Nebraska - Iowa State game where I was, ah.... thrown out by a policeman but ended up helping tear down the goalposts with Iowa State students. The story appeared in Roger Aden's book "Huskerville".

Right now, it's looking like about a 30% chance I'll be in Ames, thanks to Jamie Pollard's policy forcing everyone to buy season tickets. If I don't make it, it'll be the first one I've missed in Ames in many years, so thanks so much, Mr. Pollard.

Feedback time!

I have learned a lot from the blogger Q&A's we do. I know the questions can be unoriginal, but they help me get a feel for what the other side is thinking before a game, and I think that's unique about what we provide.

You might be able to do the same with an opponent's message board, but so many times they'll metaphorically kill you just for going on their sites.

So - I'm asking - do you like the Q&A's? Is there anything we could be doing better or differently than we are? Please leave us a comment and thank you!

1. How dangerous of a quarterback is Austen Arnaud?  Should Nebraska be concerned more with his arm or his feet?

His arm will have to be how he wins the game. He's not bad running the ball (we ran the zone read somewhat effectively at first against KU), but he's got a good enough arm that NU needs to be focused on the pass game.

2. What one key item does ISU have to do  to win against Nebraska?

Run. The. Ball. Effectively. Our rushing attack has been pitiful, to put in nicely. Of course, turnovers are always crucial, but our offense has stalled completely way too often this year. Both Alexander Robinson and JJ Bass need to have career days, at least, for them.

3. Gene Chizik seems to be a solid fit in Ames.  How are the locals taking to him
as the head man?

He's so well respected because it's known that he runs a solid program with kids that stay out of trouble. Now, some doubt is starting to arise after the Baylor loss, but he's really a guy that the fanbase wants to fall in love with. Fans LOVE that he doesn't sugarcoat anything. And we see flashes of improvement. I think most fans think we're on the right path.

4. What do you see as the most interesting matchup in this weekend's game in
terms of units?

The ISU passing game against the Blackshirts. Arnaud and the WR corps both performed pitifully in the Baylor game. When we opened up our offense against Kansas, a 20-0 lead resulted. The WR corps and Arnaud are both talented enough that they can pass on Nebraska. They just need to connect.

Honorable mention to Marlon Lucky vs. the 11 guys lined up opposite him, not to mention Joe Ganz against a secondary starting two true freshmen.

(CB: He referenced our defense as “Blackshirts”. Wow. We don't even do that any more. Not until they earn them. What a non-issue that's turned out to be so far.)

5. What member of ISU's roster should Nebraska fans fear most and why?

True freshman Leonard Johnson. Take a moment to search for him on YouTube. He's already one of our most talented players at cornerback. He can get a pick, play tough man coverage, and he is, pound-for-pound, our hardest hitter. He'll make money playing football soon enough, but for right now, he's an absolute treat to watch.

6. What member of Nebraska's roster do you fear most and why?

Marlon Lucky. I'm scared of his speed, and moreso, his versatility. It seems that teams that try and use a weapon like Lucky against us succeed more often than not. If we control him, I really feel we win the game, but only because it's a big task for our defense.

7. Prediction!

We're so much better at home than on the road, and the crowd should be rocking. 23-21 Iowa State on a Grant Mahoney field goal in the waning minutes.