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Worst of the Big 12 - Big 12 Cob Of the Week(s)

Okay, like I said, I missed last week, so we have two weeks to work with.


Gary Pinkel - Oh sure, you kicked our asses up and down the field, but you knew as well as everyone else that the Gary Pinkel Factor had been absent for WAAYYYY too long. Wonder if it'll happen again?

Husker Mike:

Well, I'm not sure who I'd cob up this week: Pinkel? Stoops for the fake punt? Iowa State? Sherman? (Gee...he'd get it EVERY week!)

Since we missed last week, I'm going to rehash my choice for UNL students at the Missouri game:

I looked over early in the second half of the Missouri/Nebraska game, and I thought a neutron bomb had gone off in the student section. The rest of the stadium was still 95% full, but most of the students were history. Yeah, a few of you stayed around until the bitter end...but very few. Maybe you were protesting your seat relocation, but the sad truth is Uncle Elmer and blue-haired Aunt Betsy had more impact Saturday night than you did, and they still had a four hour drive home to Broken Bow. (Even though the walk to your dorm was shorter than the walk to their car...)

Corn Blight:

Mine has to go to Chase Daniel for a fitting two week span. First, you kick our ass in Lincoln for the first time in 30 years. Then you call us dirty. Then, apparently you think this all counts for something because you let the friggin’ Oklahoma State Cowboys come in and ruin your shot at a perfect season.

You let a team coached by a clown goad you into three interceptions, costing you the game, probably the Heisman and potentially a shot at the Big 12 title game. I expect more from you, Chase.


Incidentally, Mike did send me his choice last week, and just flat out missed getting this out.

Wow. Lots of Missouri up for this week's award. Well, hell it was their turn. However, I’ve decided that we’ll turn this into a poll from now on, and try to get it out on Tuesday.