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Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Iowa State Cyclones - A Real Big Game

The game coming up this weekend in Ames is a big game for both teams. Taking a look at the Big 12 North, whomever loses this game goes to 0-3 and will probably find themselves alone in the basement of our half of the conference.

Big 12 Conference Standings

(updated 10.12.2008 at 1:45 AM CDT)

North Conf Overall
Kansas Jayhawks 2 0 5 1
Missouri Tigers 1 1 5 1
Kansas St. Wildcats 1 1 4 2
Nebraska Cornhuskers 0 2 3 3
Colorado Buffaloes 0 2 3 3
Iowa St. Cyclones 0 2 2 4

Nebraska is on a three-game skid which included a 52-17 blow out by Missouri at home, but should have improved confidence after pushing Texas Tech to overtime on the road. Nebraska hasn’t lost three conference games in a row since 1945.

Iowa State is coming off an embarrassing loss at Baylor, while the previous week they lead Kansas by 20 at the half only to give up 21 points in the third quarter in a 35-33 loss. Between games, backup quarterback Philip Bates decided to leave the team, apparently because it was clear that with starter Austen Arnaud around, he wasn’t going to be starting anytime soon despite playing decently when he had the shot.

Perhaps the last two losses have destroyed the Cyclones’ confidence. Perhaps that’s too easy an answer because they’re playing in Ames where they’ve won the last two out of three against Nebraska (although those games were from a different era for both teams).

Despite what anyone thinks might happen, this is a huge game for both teams as they try to get back on track. For Nebraska, it may represent a chance to get back in the Big 12 North race. While that sounds fantastic.... 

A Missouri loss this weekend in Texas would leave the Tigers at 2-2 and potentially vulnerable to losing the North to an opportunist. Don’t think that’s not possible as last weekend the "Pinkel Factor" reared it’s head yet again just as Mizzou stood on the edge of greatness. That’s what Chase Daniel and the Tigers get for thinking that winning in Lincoln for the first time in 30 years counted for something (is there an over/under in Vegas yet for how many times I can bring that up in a season?). 

After Texas, Missouri faces a relatively easy slate, as the only South team left on their schedule is Baylor. Still there's that Pinkel Factor thing.

Kansas has to face Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Texas and Missouri (and Nebraska in Lincoln, but right now that's not scaring anyone). That's a lot of potential losses.

Colorado is inconsistent and Kansas State's defense looks lost.

If there ever was time for a win for our beloved Huskers, it's this weekend in Ames.