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2008 CBS Sports Blog Poll Top 25 College Football Rankings - Week Seven Final Ballot

Based on your feedback, I agreed that I have USC ranked lower than they should be and moved them up several places. 

I give Oklahoma State plenty of credit. They went into Columbia and took care of an explosive offense while potentially costing Chase Daniel a Heisman Trophy. They deserve to be rewarded - if they're not worthy, they'll fall.

I did drop Texas Tech slightly from where they were previously. Given that they were taken to OT by Nebraska, one might say they played average against an average team and still haven't really beaten anyone (taking the scarlet-colored glasses off for a bit there).

BYU - you could argue that the penalty against Washington cost the Huskies the game earlier in the season (BYU won 28-27 after the Huskies were penalized 15 yards on the PAT for unsportsmanlike conduct), and that the Huskies are a bad team. You could also argue that losing that game cost the Huskies a lot in confidence and therefore is one of the big reasons they're having a bad season.

Fact is, BYU has destroyed everyone else. They'll play 6-1 TCU this Thursday. TCU's only loss came against Oklahoma, so BYU will be tested. If they fail, they fall.

LSU - remains the same from earlier in the week. I'm not convinced they're a top 10 team after getting destroyed in the Swamp.

Rank Team Delta
1 Texas 4
2 Alabama 2
3 Penn State 5
4 Oklahoma State 5
5 Florida 7
6 Texas Tech --
7 Oklahoma 6
8 Brigham Young 1
9 Southern Cal 5
10 Missouri 8
11 Utah --
12 Kansas 2
13 LSU 10
14 Georgia 1
15 Boise State 2
16 Ohio State --
17 Virginia Tech 1
18 North Carolina 4
19 Michigan State 4
20 Wake Forest 6
21 Florida State --
22 Georgia Tech 3
23 Vanderbilt 10
24 Tulsa 2
25 South Florida 5
Dropped Out: California (#24), Wisconsin (#25).