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Corn Nation College Pick 'Em Week 6 & 7 Winners and Leaders

Last week I missed an update on the Corn Nation Pick ‘Em game, so this an update for two weeks worth of winning.

decoyduck won week six with 15-1 record, getting 132 points.

huskerhorsepower won week seven, going 11-2 with 84 points, and winning a tie breaker over huskers118.

Here are our current top five leaders on the season:

1st  RunTheBall
2nd  famethrowa
3rd  Tombstone
4th  Grayhound
5th  MissouriRED


Each week for the rest of the season, we will be giving away something from sponsor Asgard Press. The weekly winner may choose an Asgard's calendar, note card set or poster. The holiday season is coming and their stuff makes for a unique gift.

I need the winner to contact me, so , please email me with your contact information and your selection from Asgard and I will make sure your award is sent.