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Week 6 Report Card: Texas Tech

Nebraska doesn't believe in moral victories, but today's game should be seen as a sign that attitudes are changing in this football program. Two weeks ago, some Husker players expressed surprised that they could play with a team like Virginia Tech. Today, they learned they can play with a top ten team.

Offensive Line: B+ Nice push to create holes for the running backs. A couple of holding penalties were the biggest negatives. Great job getting this group back in sync, Barney!

Running backs: B+ Marlon Lucky got a few holes, and was very productive in the running game...even more productive catching the ball. Roy Helu was solid for the most part as well.

Quarterback: A- Through regulation, this would have been a solid A. Ganz made good decisions almost all game, and completed over 80% of his passes.

Wide Receiver: A OK, these guys aren't speed burners for the most part. But how long has it been since we've complained about these guys having the dropsies? This group made the clutch catches to maintain possession after possession.

Defensive Line: B- OK, they only had 1 tackle for loss. But they occasionally got pressure on Graham Harrell.

Linebacker: Incomplete. OK, the stat sheet said that Cody Glenn and Phillip Dillard played. But really, Nebraska was down to playing true freshman Matt Holt (a walk-on!) at linebacker.

Secondary: B- Several blown coverages (especially against Michael Crabtree on 4th and 4) hurt, but some solid fundamentals minimized the damage. Did you see Larry Asante out there today?

Coaching: B+ A lot of improvement on the field this week. Still need to find a way to address all of the penalties, though. And a great game plan, especially on offense.

Overall: B Taking a top-ten team to overtime is a sign of progress.

Elsewhere in College Football:

Karl Richins Big XII officiating crew: F You guys looked befuddled last Saturday night in Lincoln. Today, you looked even stupider at the Cotton Bowl. I especially remember a personal foul flag on Oklahoma when Colt McCoy essentially fell down.

Missouri: D- That was one nasty loogie you coughed up tonight at home.

LSU: F Ricky Jean-Francois probably should keep his mouth shut when he's healthy enough to play again.

Penn State: A Best in the Big MAC, to be sure.