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Keys to the Game: Texas Tech

With Missouri behind us, we now look to the Texas Tech Red Raiders. The last time we met the Raiders in Lubbock was in 2004 when the Callahan Era was ushered in with a 70-10 piano-wiring at the hands of the red and black. Will this year be any different? Could be, but if the Cornhuskers are looking to upend The Masked Rider how are they going to do it? Let’s examine the scenario.

1.) Simplicity – One method that I’ve found works universally is the tried and true method of K.I.S.S. and I don’t mean another Gene Simmons reality show. Keep It Simple Stupid. It seems that the schemes of Watson and Pelini are not working period. Coach Pelini was obviously very upset following the Mizzou game, but not just at the score. He took the entire weight of the loss on his shoulders and I think that may very well include the portion of the team he really leaves to Watson.

The purest definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. This week a little more simplicity with a dash of the different could put the Cornhuskers on top. Tech’s defense isn’t Mizzou’s and does have some weak spots where Ganz can take advantage of Swift, Peterson and Holt, but the Radiers’ D isn’t that bad and can put Joe where he needs to make snap decisions which hasn’t been his strong point lately. The best advice I could give Joe would be this: It’s kind of like a history test. If you don’t know the answer, go with your gut because the first instinct is usually the right one.

2.) Discipline – One thing I most certainly did not expect out of a Bo Pelini-coached team is a good nine penalties per game giving up an average of ¾ of a football field. I don’t care how much yardage you can get on a play if it gets negated. Pushups, stair-running, there has got to be something that can be implemented to help get this under control and if it’s the individual who is the problem, put someone in who isn’t an issue. It’s getting downright silly and of that I am 100% positive Bo knows.

3.) Belief – I was asked this week why I thought Nebraska could hang with Mizzou. Simple answer: I didn’t and that’s why I picked against Nebraska in three separate scenarios. Now I am not the team. The team needs to believe that they can go on the road and win otherwise they can and will lose. Why? If you believe you can do something the chances of you actually performing to a higher level rise significantly and in a game where you do have a legitimate chance of winning if you think you could lose or will lose, yep, you’ll lose.

In Summary: Texas Tech offers yet another opportunity for the Nebraska secondary to be scorched like burned toast, but they also offer the ability for the Cornhuskers to get a victory to hang their hat on. A road win in Lubbock takes them into Ames with the belief that they can exit the confines of Memorial Stadium and bring home a “W”. If you can win outside of your house, you can definitely win inside and right now with the fragile if not broken psyche of this team that’s critical.

All in all regardless of the outcome of Saturday’s game, I can proudly state that the Red Raider faithful are all coming to see the Big Red in action as stated on their official home page:

"Texas Tech Athletics Department officials announced Thursday that Saturday's game against Nebraska is a sold out."

In Nebraska we know a thing or two about a sold out streak.