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Morning Coffee - A Three Hour Tour?

It was supposed to be an easy job, something like a three-hour tour. Instead, my trip Monday to Eau Claire lasted three days. Part of that was server-related, part of it because the weather went nuts. Monday gave us a nearly 40-degree day and rain, then Tuesday gave us blizzard conditions for most of the day with wind gusts up to 40 mph and -40 wind chills.

Glare ice, snow, and high winds - not exactly something you're going to drive through with a great deal of confidence about survival.

Finally got home last night when a normally short 2.5 hour drive turned into four hours because of a truck fire on the freeway. I was very burned out and feel asleep way too early. Hence the lack of posting.

The men finally get a Big 12 conference win, on the road against Mizzou. The win should give the team more confidence - always a problem with young teams - and the fact that they did it on the road should give them a little more. Let's face facts - they can use all they can get.

We're still in the cellar, but the good news is we're tied with Oklahoma State and Colorado who each have one win apiece. With Iowa State coming to town on Saturday, we should pick up another win.

Unfortunately the women lost at home to Kansas State, 77-75. The loss broke their 12-game home winning streak.

Want to know how tough the Big 12 is for women's basketball? Steve Sipple at Husker Extra has this to say about it:

Try coaching in a conference in which nine teams are rated in the top 45 of the RPI. Yes, nine. That’s Big 12 women’s basketball. And that’s flat-out ridiculous. Forget celebrating a victory. There’s little time to breathe.


The loss drops the women to fifth in the Big 12 at 4-3. Baylor and Kansas State have yet to lose.

Spring Game tickets will go on sale next week. I plan on getting down there for that as we play Kansas in a Big 12 baseball series the same weekend. Hope the weather's nice!