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Corn Nation Asks You to Answer the Davos Question - Sort Of.

This past week, leaders from around the world got together at the World Economic Forum  in Davos, Switzerland to discuss how to make the world a better place.

Youtube provided a method by which you could submit your response to 'The Davos Question' which then would be viewed by leaders (and apparently celebrities who were rich enough to attend). Leaders (and celebrities) could take a few moments of their time and respond to your answer. The results are at youtube and as you'd expect, produce everything from the profound to the incoherent.

The Davos Question is deceptively simple:

"What one thing do you think that countries, companies or individuals must do to make the world a better place in 2008?"

So, in the spirit of the Davos question, I ask my fellow Cornhusker football fans:

"What one thing do you think that coaches or football players must do to make the Huskers a better football team in 2008?"