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The Big Sweaty Pile That Is the College Football Blogger Awards

The 2007 College Football Blogger Awards are out and about again this year, brought to you by the biggest college football blogs in the land: Brian at MGoBlog, T. Kyle at Dawg Sports, Joel at Rocky Top Talk, Peter at Burnt Orange Nation, and that other sonofabitch at EDSBS.

These are the awards where bloggers and readers congratulate bloggers and then everyone jumps in a big, sweaty pile that doesn't include Michael Moore. Pictures and videos are taken, the best ones ending up on Deadspin and we all feel better about spending shitloads of time on this stuff.

If you'd like to nominate, participate, or commiserate, then you must go to here for an explanation of the process, then go here for a list of categories, then use this site to nominate blogs for the categories.

I'd like to mention Rock M Nation, the SB Nation Missouri blog as the best new blog, even though Mizzou kicked the crap out of us and won the Big 12 North. I was amazed at how quickly their community came together, but I guess when you field your first winning season in the history of mankind it might be easier to do than I thought. Sour grapes?  Youbeturass.

What's missing from this awards show is the mention of those who have passed on. No doubt there's a ton of them abandoned blogs out there, but I feel compelled to mention the passing of Bear Meat most of all. There was a certain glorious freedom in writing about suckage, even though you're attacked by your own for doing it.

This is a chance for me to tell you about the Husker blogging community, and I think that's important. There are quite a number of good Husker blogs out there, probably more than any other college team in the nation. In fact, we're so damned we have a whole site dedicated to hatred of our kind. Where else do you find that?

Unfortunately, we are among a community of bloggers that rarely (if at all) gets mentioned in the mass media. When you look around the Nebraska sports landscape, there isn't a single mass media site that links to any of us. Most of us don't get linked on Husker message boards, and I know of at least one where any links to blogs are immediately removed. We are truly the bastard sons of Nebraska sports.

I'd recommend you visit the following sites and nominate them if you're so inclined:

I'm sure I missed someone and if I did, send me an email and I'll update the page.

As for Corn Nation, well, I'm not all that concerned about a nomination. I abhor award shows. I hate watching them and I can't imagine having to attend one. You'd have to dress up and people expect you to behave. I can't imagine anything sucking worse than that. I'll stick with beer and sawdust on the floor, thank you.