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Morning Coffee - Getting Lucky In Space?

Marlon Lucky announces he's staying at Nebraska. This isn't the hugest of news as it would have been darned silly for Lucky to leave when there's already a ton of guys ahead of him in the upcoming NFL draft.

His high school coach, Brad Ratcliff, had this to say:

"A big part of Marlon’s decision was having the previous offensive coordinator stay," Ratcliff said. "Marlon felt comfort in that they won’t have to change the offense."

Like, to a power running game? We're not there yet, Marlon. A big part of that is you catching the ball in space, not running between the tackles. We can leave that to Kenny Wilson, Quentin Castille, and Cody Glenn.

Maybe we'll do an off-season series on that concept - "Getting Lucky in Space".... hmmm...

Collins Okafor commits to Nebraska as a running back and defensive end Josh Williams announces he's coming to Nebraska, bringing the total number of recruits to 18.

Interesting about Okafor, citing that academics were a big reason he chose Nebraska over Stanford:

"I went down to the biochemistry lab, and got to talk to the adviser. And the guy who was touring us around was actually a biochemistry major, and that was huge. We didn’t get that at Stanford."

I guess that's what you get, taking football players for granted, eh?

 We suck less than Oklahoma! Kansas pounded them by 30 Monday night, while we only lost by 21.

Yeah, Oklahoma was on the road, while we were at home, but I just wanted to point out that we suck less than they do.

Unfortunately, we sucked at Colorado last night, losing 55-51, dropping to 0-2 in the Big 12. We took care of the ball well, finishing with only nine turnovers, but were horrible on the offensive boards getting only eight. Eight offensive rebounds on the game when your field goal percentage is 34% - bloody ouch.

The good news is that freshman point guard Cookie Miller scored 18, but other than Maric with 14 no other Huskers finished in double digits. This was a winnable game, but the Huskers didn't make the plays they needed to make to win it. What's the problem? Right here:

"We’ve got guys talking about altitude, and they’ve got guys talking about winning. So that’s the problem."

I'll bet they were worried about what earring they were wearing, too. There's a mental toughness required in every sport. Doc Sadler, just like Bo Pelini, is trying to find it in his players.

Women's Basketball! The women head to Oklahoma to take on the the 11th-ranked Sooners tonight.

Don't know if you've noticed or not, but Nebraska isn't exactly beating the hell out of the rest of the Big 12 in many sports. If the Husker roundball women can do well, who's not for that?