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James Dobson in Charge of Making Huskers More Masculine

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James Dobson is the new head strength coach at Nebraska, although not the same Dr. James Dobson who does that "Focus on the Family" stuff. Our James Dobson is a Wisconsin alum, serving on the same Barry Alvarez staff that included Bill Callahan and Kevin Cosgrove . He comes to Nebraska after spending several years as the strength coach at Iowa, home of the famous Pink Visiting Team's Locker Room.

No word yet on what kind of music will be played in the weight room or whether Dr. Dobson's book "Bringing Up Boys" will be given out to Husker coaches.

Steve over at Big Red Network points out that Pelini has banned ear rings around the athletic offices. Keep going in this direction and you get the idea that last year's defensive problems were due to more than just the lack of a good strength coach, know what I mean, nudge nudge, wink, wink, say no more.

Not Our New Strength Coach

Don't know about you, but when I see a guy wearing earrings I find myself wondering how much time he spends every day trying to decide what he's going to wear. And I know that's just the beginning. Worry about your earrings, worry about your hair, worry about your clothes, worry about every spec of dust on your car.

In the end, you know those guys end up worrying about all sorts of things that don't matter to anyone except other people who spend their time worrying about the same thing. Funny thing is they  spend so much time thinking about themselves that there's no room for anyone or anything else in there, things like tackling, line assignments, or how fast the opposing quarterback can run.
It's anyone's guess as to where the connection came between Bo Pelini and James Dobson but the interview had to go something like this:

BP: Morning routine?
JD: Up by 5:00 am, jog three miles, eat my breakfast seated in front of a decomposing frog, then at least 30 minutes hitting the 40 pound bag dancing barefoot on broken glass, then run to work.
BP: Run?
JD: Run, you know, sprint, as in not jogging. I always try to get a home at least 10 miles from where I'm working. I wear shoes in the winter, though.
BP: Nice touch. You mind earrings?
JD: Hate 'em. Should be ripped out.  Tore an ear off in Iowa, then mashed it with the squat machine. Told the kid that's why God gave him two.
BP: You're in. Any requests?
JD: I need to paint one urinal and bathroom stall pink. That's where the weenie boys'll go.

I wonder if these guys know what's in store for them?