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Kansas: Not A Valid Measuring Stick

Earlier I thought that the KU game would be a great measuring stick for the Husker hoopsters. I was wrong. After watching the game, I'm not sure if it mattered how far the talent gap had closed between the teams because Kansas looks like they have a squad that can beat anyone on any court in the nation.

Nebraska was clearly outmatched throughout the contest, but I was both disgusted and impressed with our basketball team. We played hard throughout the game, but the outcome wasn't that different from last year's final score in Lincoln. Have we improved? I'll leave judgement to the guy in charge:

"I’m sitting here, and we got beat 21 points," said Sadler, the second-year Nebraska men’s basketball coach. "As sick as this may sound, I’m not that disappointed in how we played."

I was disgusted because for some reason I thought we'd look like the Michael Jordan-lead Chicago Bulls. Yes, I'm an idiot at times.

One of the things you had to be worried about was whether or not the Cornhuskers would take care of the ball. Twelve turnovers against the third-ranked team ain't bad when you consider we have a freshman point guard leading the charge.

The good news? The Husker women's squad beat #15 Texas at home earlier in the week (it's a good week any time we beat Texas in any sport) and then dispatched the Kansas women 71-51 on Saturday.

The Husker women go to 13-3 and 2-0 in the Big 12. Connie Yori is putting a good product out there in Lincoln. It'll be interesting to see how both squads do this season, but please don't dismiss these young women as they're playing good basketball.