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Have the Biased Gone Blasphemous?

Okay, admittedly if you’ve stopped by MidWest Coast Bias over the past several days, there’s been a lot of venom going T.O.’s way and honestly?  I’m tired of being in that mindset.  It just doesn’t feel right, you know?  I mean sure, we all love a good vent, but I’m...well vented out for now.  Honestly, I like the way things are going overall taking EVERYTHING into account.

The guys like their new coaches, their worlds seem to be in balance and in the end, that’s what’s going to cause Nebraska to win or lose ballgames, so if, in the end, Nebraska’s players are happy, it’s hard to argue the point.  Of course, if we don’t have things to bitch about, there goes half of my material.  Still, I’m in more of a jaunty mood, so with that, I pay tribute to Nebraska’s newest head coach showing why he is, in fact, the man:

Bo Pelini parties like a rock star

That’s right.  You’ve heard the old tales of Bob Devaney tipping a few back.  Well, damnit, Bo Pelini can do it with the best of ‘em.  Matter of fact, did I ever tell you about the time Bo and I went drinking a few years back?  Pelini takes me out to a field in the middle of nowhere out in Kansas.  I ask him, "Where’s the bar?"  Sure enough, a year passes and they build a bar around us.  Pelini goes up and orders two shots of Jager.  We both slam them back before he sets the place ablaze.  Over the roar of the flames he yelled out, "Always leave things the way ya found ‘em!"  

Yeah, I just used a Bill Brasky reference.  I regret nothing.  That’s probably a good thing at this point in my life.  Back on topic, though, I’m still excited about this recruiting class as bumpy as it’s been and in the end, I think it’ll be a fine transitional class.  Transition classes are a lot like having a conversation with a Colorado Buffalo fan.  They’re never easy, often painful and in the end, you regret the strain you put into paying attention in the first place.

Via con dios for now, mi amigos and be sure to check out MWCB this week.  We’re actually doing a show for a change of pace.