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Week 2 Husker Report Card: Wake Forest

Well, it's time to break out the Big Red pen again and grade the Huskers' performance yesterday against Wake Forest, as well as the rest of the world of College Football.

Offensive Line: B- Didn't give up a sack yesterday, though they didn't open up holes like they did against Nevada.
Running Backs: C+ Marlon Lucky struggled mightily with inside running, looking very tentative. Once he got outside, he was able to show a burst, such as on his third quarter touchdown run.
Quarterback: D+ Yes, he completed over 50% of his passes and ran a very nice two minute drill. But he repeatedly misfired early and even worse, locked onto his receivers the whole afternoon. His grade drops further when you add in his 2 interceptions and 2 fumbled snaps. Ball security is a key in this offense.
Wide Receivers: B- Maurice Purify joined the Husker Dropsy corps after the criminal justice major served his one-game suspension for his two arrests. Nate Swift and Terrence Nunn made several nice catches.
Defensive Line: C+ Ndamakong Suh was a beast yesterday, but the rest of the d-line was neutralized by Wake's game plan to take the game wide.
Linebackers: B- Steve Octavien had several nice stops, Corey McKeon wiffed on a tackle early, then intercepted Wake on the next play.
Secondary: C Zack Bowman saved the game with a huge interception, but injuries to Cortney Grixby and Tierre Green hurt this unit. Struggled most of the day keeping track of WR Kenneth Moore who ran wild for much of the first three quarters.
Special Teams: C Adi Kunalic made up for an out-of-bounds kickoff with his 75 yard do-over to the goal line. Anthony Blue averted near disaster by fielding a punt after Todd Peterson ran into Nate Swift near the Husker 10.
Coaching: D+ Bill Callahan gets some criticism for emphasizing the passing game with a struggling Keller. Kevin Cosgrove stuck with his 4 man line too much with Wake running wide all day. I would have liked to have seen more of the 3-4 against this group. Callahan was channelling his inner Gary Pinkel by running the same play on 4th and 2 late in the game that he ran on 3rd down.
Overall: C+ It's a win, but plenty of things to work on.
Officials: D- What was up with that chain gang measurement in the first half where they pushed the stick back towards the ball, awarding Wake a first down with the chain hanging loose with lots of slack on it. I still think Moore fumbled the ball before stepping out at the 1, and Wake fans are still screaming for a flag on that 4th down pass at the end of the game.

Elsewhere in College Football:
Michigan: F (Or as the M-Zone puts it, the Team-That-Used-to-Be-Michigan...)
Rest of the Bigger 10: D+ (Sparty, Gophers, Hoosiers, and Buckeyes struggle with MAC teams, Illini struggle with 1-AA team, Badgers come back late against UNLV)
Kansas: A (2nd straight blowout, though against 1-AA)
LSU: A+ (Sorry USC, but LSU is the best in the land right now.)
Oklahoma: A+ (Sorry USC, but the Sooners should pass you up as well...)
Iowa State: F (Maybe they could schedule a game with the Weasels so SOMEONE gets a W...)