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Nebraska VS Wake Forest Post Game Overreaction

  • Saying that Sam Keller is not playing well is like saying Karl Rove has an ethics problem. How many receivers did he flat out miss badly? There were nearly constant overthrows.

Two jump balls early in the game were far off the mark, giving the receiver no chance. Later, on a single drive, he missed receivers that clearly had their men beaten. As if that wasn't bad enough, when he was on target, his receivers did him the favor of dropping the ball.

  • Wake Forest did what I expected. They got their running game going, then used misdirection to completely discombobulated our defense. Good game plan, good execution. Just enough defense by Nebraska to get out with a win.

I don't know who in his right mind would put this game on Bill Callahan. The calls were there, receivers were open, Keller just didn't hit them. I don't have to recount the plays, if you watched the game, you saw them.

  • Player of the game? Ndamukong Suh. When it counted, he stuffed touchdowns.
  • Controversy at the end of the game? It looked to me like Wake Forest deserved the pass interference call, but they ran a crossing route that looked exactly like a pick play, so maybe the refs looked at that and thought "screw 'em, they're trying for interference."

Or they completely missed it. Either way, Lee Corso picked this one exactly right. Close game, Nebraska win.

  • If Sam Keller continues to play like this, we don't have much of a shot against 'SC. We'll become one-dimensional. Could be that our game plan will closely resemble last season and everyone will engage in a bitch-fest about how Bill Callahan doesn't play to win.
  • For us to have a chance against USC, one of two things has to happen:
  • Sam Keller has one week to get his crap together.
  • Bill Callahan better have a willingness to swap quarterbacks and all that stuff about the competition between Keller and backup Joe Ganz had better been more than bullshit.

Husker fans have been brought back down to earth now. That's okay. It's officially USC week.