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Nebraska Versus Wake Forest Game Day Thread

Welcome to the Wake Forest Game Day Thread. If you're like I am, you're already watching ESPN's College Game Day. Lee Corso pointed out earlier that Wake's is the smallest stadium we've played in in 36 years. Good thing someone looked that up and thought it was important. Corso believes Nebraska will win, but the game will be much closer than we think. Hey, could be true.

KETV did their "The List" segment and, among other things, did a Big Red Zone poll asking "Did Bill Callahan deserve his new five-year contract worth $1.7+ Million per year?"

59% responded "No".
32% responded "Yes, the money is right"
9% responded - "Yes, but he's underpaid".

There are a couple things you can take from this:

  • Bill Callahan still needs to get a signature win as Nebraskans still aren't convinced that he's the right guy for the job.
  • The people that voted that he's underpaid were Callahan's agent and his agent's family, friends, cousins, and colleagues.

Samuel McKewon at Nebraska has a good article - Five Keys: Nebraska v. Wake Forest.

This guy is writing good stuff about the Huskers. Hate to say it out of respect for what the Omaha World Herald once was, but this guy is producing better stuff than they are at this point, especially for those of us living out of state.

For all you crotchity doomsayer types out there - Nebraska is still one of those teams with a target on it.

Earlier in the week, I mentioned that college football doesn't really exist in Minnesota. Well, this morning my oldest son's freshman soccer team is having a get-together with everyone's family, watching some films on soccer, that sort of thing. When you ask? Why, 11:00 am. On a fall Saturday.

No, I'm not going. I've been told I could watch the game there, but I don't think they're quite ready for that experience. You know, the police show up, thinking there's a domestic dispute happening because there's so much screaming go on, that sort of thing.

Ah, Game Day.