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2007 College Football Predictions - Week Two

Last week changed everything. Now every up and coming scheduled patsy will look suspect. In the long run, athletic directors will use this as an excuse to schedule even worse games, nothing Appalachian State 2007 over Michigan as a marketing tool. Don't buy into it.

I am sucking at the 12th ManChild's Pick 'Em game. I'm not doing so bad at In the Bleachers. We need to re-cap ours, and due to yet another server crash that consumed me this week, that didn't get done.

This is a big week for the Big 12, especially the South. Last week Kansas State didn't look too bad against Auburn, while Texas, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma State didn't look very good.

This week we get to find out how well Oklahoma does against a great defense, whether the 'Horns poor play against Arkansas State was an aberration, if Colorado can handle a decent team, and maybe whether or not Iowa State will win a game. How many yards can Tech put up this weekend?

  • Big 12 Games

  • Rice @ Baylor  
    Line: Baylor by 6

    Husker Mike: Baylor 17, Rice 10
    corn blight: Rice 13, Baylor 10 - Upset Special - Can Baylor score any points?

  • Colorado @ Arizona State

    Line: Arizona State by 14

    Husker Mike: ASU 31, CU 14
    corn blight: ASU 24, CU 23  
    I didn't think that Colorado would score 30 points against CSU, but they did and won in OT. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt in this one, losing, but looking better.

  • Northern Iowa at Iowa State

    Line: none - UNI is Div IAA

    Husker Mike: ISU 17, UNI 14
    corn blight: UNI 23, ISU 20 - Is this an upset? I don't think so.
    ISU is this year's CU. Not a good place to be. Once again, they're a drinking school with a football problem. This is an improvement?  

  • SE Louisiana @ Kansas

    Line: No Line

    Husker Mike: KU 50, SE L 3
    corn blight: KU 49, SE L 9

  • San Jose State at Kansas State

    Line: Kansas State by 17

    Husker Mike: KSU 49, SJSU 0
    corn blight: KSU 38, SJSU 3
    Feel-good game at Home for the Mildcats

  • Mizzou @ Ole Miss

    Line:  Mizzou by 6

    Husker Mike: Mizzou 63, Ole Miss  38
     Both teams stink on defense, but Mizery is greater than Ole Miss on offense
    corn blight: Mizzou 38, Ole Miss 21

  • Nebraska @ Wake Forest

    Line: Nebraska by 8

    Husker Mike: Nebraska 31, Wake Forest 10
    My take...  We're going to pound the rock again
    corn blight: Nebraska 34, Wake Forest 17
    Here's what I believe will happen.

  • Miami @ Oklahoma

    Line: Oklahoma by 11

    Husker Mike: OU 35, Canes 10
    I really like the Boomers in this one... big.
    corn blight: Oklahoma 23, Miami 10
    Miami's defense is good. I'll go lower for OU, they'll have a harder time running the ball.

  • Florida Atlantic at Oklahoma State

    Line: Oklahoma State by 23

    Husker Mike: Oklahoma State 38, FAU 10
    Who Cares?
    corn blight: Oklahoma State 45, FAU 13

  • TCU @ Texas

    Line:Texas by 9.5

    Husker Mike: TCU 28, Horns 17 - Upset Special!
    corn blight: Texas 28, TCU 21
    Texas will melt down later, not this weekend.

  • Fresno State @ Texas A&M

    No Line: Aggies by 24

    Husker Mike:  Texas A&M  24, Fresno 21
    Not impressed by the Ags last week.
    corn blight:    Texas A&M 28, Fresno 20
    No, they struggled mightily against an inferior opponent

  • UTEP @ Texas Tech

    Line: Texas Tech by 17.5
    Husker Mike:  Texas Tech 42, UTEP 10
    corn blight:    Texas Tech 51, UTEP 13

    Games of the Week

  • Virginia Tech @ LSU

    Line: LSU by 12.5

    Husker Mike:  LSU 28, VT 7
    The Beauxshirts looked great last week.
    corn blight: LSU 23, VT 13

  • Oregon @ Michigan

    Line: Michigan by 8.5

    Husker Mike: Michigoon 28, Oregon 10
    Ugly uniforms vs. Ugly Players.  Call this the Bag Bowl.  I think the Weasels turn it around...
    corn blight:   Michigan 31, Oregon 17

  • South Florida @ Auburn

    Line:  Auburn by 7

    Husker Mike:  Auburn 17, South Florida 13
    Auburn didn't look very good last week.  Didn't look good in the Cotton Bowl either.
    corn blight:   Auburn 20, South Florida 14
    Auburn's offense sucks. Their defense is good, though.

  • BYU @ UCLA

    Line:  UCLA by 7

    Husker Mike:  BYU 28, UCLA 24 - Upset Special!
     Pac 10 isn't looking so good this year.
    corn blight:   UCLA 28, BYU 20

  • Penn State - Notre Dame

    Line:  why bother?